Canon Modular Camera In The Works

IBC 2017 has seen the announcement of an upcoming Canon modular camera for uses ranging from action cam to professional broadcast.

In a very un-Canon manner, Canon has presented a concept for an upcoming mini modular camera called Canon MM100-WS, and will be taking feedback from the industry to implement along the development of the product.

According to Marcel Hess, this new Canon modular camera will only be a couple of centimetres thick and will incorporate a non-removable wide-angle lens that will allow it to be dust and splash proof. The battery will only be 1cm thick, allowing the whole package to remain quite compact, recording internally to MicroSD cards.

What’s interesting about this Canon modular camera is that its functionality will be expandable with additional parts, such as an additional SDI output module or a larger battery. This would make the camera capable of fulfilling many roles, from a body cam to a studio and broadcast-capable tool.

This type of crossover action camera is proving to be quite a popular concept – the recent announcement of the Sony RX0, for example, has stirred quite a lot of interest in the industry. Check out our hands-on with the RX0 at IBC 2017 HERE.

What’s very interesting about this announcement is Canon’s sudden change of mentality in opening up about upcoming products and actually requesting market feedback. We can only hope that this much-requested change of manufacturer-customer dynamics will translate into future big cameras.

Could you see a use in your professional work for a miniature SDI-capable device like this Canon modular camera? Let us know in the comments. 

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Nick Frollo


Make. Something. We. Want.

 Jean-Yves Durocher
Jean-Yves Durocher

As an owner of an XC-10, this is what the XC-20 should be.
Forget the lens. Only a block with the sensor and pin out top and bottom.
Then we build our own

Anthony browning

That would make too many people happy! lol

 Jean-Yves Durocher
Jean-Yves Durocher

Should make Canon happy also. It would create an ecosystem that Canon would control.
Actually what you need is a 2018 XC-1X that could be bundled as is. But with pin-out top and bottom and sides.
No lens, but a Canon lens mount with some lenses available from stock adapted to ‘cinema’ style shooting (aka a $1,000 more)
I’m dreaming and know it

Anthony browning

Somewhere out there is like one cop watching this going, finally Canon! something for my people! Maybe you should make cameras for toddlers? or how about dogs! wheres their camera! I have to say though canon is becoming really good at making very uninteresting things, so trophy for them in that department. ( says the 2decade canon owner )

 Technology Analyst
Technology Analyst

Hey Canon, you’re at it again, developing obscure niche products, while leaving your flagship products unfinished.

You should be developing a full-frame video camera, but as usual you’ll be left playing catch up to to Sony.


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