Panavision Introduces Four New Large Format Lens Lines

Panavision, manufacturers of optics and camera packages aimed at the high end cinema market, have introduced a whopping four separate rental only lens lines at Cine Gear 2018. We unpack all four types of lenses and discuss how to get your hands on your own Panavision rental kit in the video above: 

Image Credit: Nino Leitner

First, a quick note: we shot three separate Panavision focused videos at Cine Gear 2018, so I strongly encourage you to check out both the liquid crystal filter and the DXL M camera videos separately. Panavision has released a few footage samples from the new lenses in the below large format test:

Now, lets dive in:

Primo X: The Primo X line (pictured above on the far left) is the first optics line aimed squarely at the drone and gimbal market. Weather sealed and available in 14mm T3.1, 24mm T1.6 and a 24-70mm T2.8 zoom versions these lenses are designed to maintain an easy center of gravity. An LCD readout also provides distance information on the side and all lens communication is handled electronically. The Primo X won’t be available for rental until 2019.

H Series: Are you looking for a spherical series that has a vintage feel to it? This might be the line for you. The H series, built with real vintage glass and coatings, emphasizes skin quality and has a soft roll-off in the image.

PanaSpeed: The PanaSpeed is a large format update to Panavision’s renowned Primo line. Coming in Q3 of 2018.

Ultra Vista: We can’t have a Panavision article without bringing up anamorphics and the Ultra Vista line is bringing large format coverage to anamorphic. Using a 1.6x squeeze, the Ultra Vista series covers 8K and features the horizontal flare characteristics and elliptical bokeh you love from shooting Anamorphic in a widescreen 2.76:1 aspect ratio. The new Ultra Vista line is coming in 2019. Check HERE for some video shot with the Ultra Vista.

Panavision Ultra Vista lens

In the video we also discuss how to get your hands on a Panavision lens for your project. Panavision famously only provides a la carte per project rental pricing and that system may seem a little intimidating for up and coming filmmakers. Fear not! 

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