Panasonic’s Release of V-Log L for Panasonic GH4 Imminent

In response to high demand in the film production market, a log video recording mode called V-Log L has been implemented for the Panasonic GH4. The release of the new gamma mode is imminent.

Leading up to the release of the $99 paid upgrade that can only be purchased through a reseller, the new firmware update 2.3 intended to introduce the upgrade functionality apparently has a bug that allows users to unlock V-Log L upfront and for free. (I won’t include a link to that workaround as I believe it is not right to acquire it that way). B&H give you a $100 discount on the Panasonic GH4 for another 3 days, so the upgrade won’t cost you anything during that time.

Note that trying the V-Log L workaround will also lead to zebras & highlights working incorrectly.

Concerning the use of V-Log, Panasonic ambassador and filmmaker Nick Driftwood did some testing. He shot this beautiful boat video below and told us: “V Log is very good when exposed correctly. Ive pushed ‘over exposure’ upto 1.5 stops and I know James Miller has had great results at +2″

Nick Driftwood says the V-Log L upgrade is a “must-buy”. And looking at our own experience with the Panasonic GH4 we can certainly only agree. The V-Log profile will give you a more organic image, better highlight rolloff and any standardised Log Gamma will make your color grading process easier as there are LUTs that convert your image into accurate colors and skin tones.

James Miller’s DELUTS are already available for the new V-Log L Gamma HERE.

The new new Panasonic GH4 V-Log L is now on pre-order for $99 and starts shipping on October 7th 2015.



cinema5D at IBC 2015
B&H Blackmagic Design Sachtler G-Technology edelkrone

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Nick Driftwood Reply
Nick Driftwood September 16, 2015

Ignore ‘Codec’ gamma = gamma. Tired Driftwood!

Erik Wennberg Reply
Erik Wennberg September 16, 2015

V-LOG L is free :P
And my zebras & highlights working good

Dakota Morton Reply
Dakota Morton September 16, 2015

Zebras and highlights work fine. Set it to Zebra1 and you’re laughing. Also, Do your homework a little before posting articles?

” V-log L profile puts the highlights at 79 IRE.. meaning that the exposure cannot get over 79% exposure. So if you Zebras are at 95% (eksample) then you do the math.. it will never get exposed at 95% because the V-log L profilel captures all data within a thinner margin on the histogram. (like CineStyle for Canon DSLR’s). It’s to compress as much info into the middel of the historigram to get more Dynamic range in the greys.” – Dennis L. Sørensen

 N'tchidje Doumbia Reply
N'tchidje Doumbia September 17, 2015

I really like the new vlog, I just did a test yesterday here it is:

Mako Koiwai Reply
Mako Koiwai September 18, 2015

One of the craziest things I’ve ever seen … testing a low contrast setting on a low contrast subject? Someone needs to be committed …