Panasonic LUMIX S1 and S1R Full Frame Cameras Explained – Video Interview

Panasonic just announced two new full frame cameras – the LUMIX S1 and S1R – here at Photokina (full article with the announcement can be found here). We interviewed Mike Owen from Panasonic about the new cameras and their features.

Panasonic started this year’s Photokina show with exciting announcements. We were present at the Panasonic press conference and published the initial information. Firstly, Panasonic together with Leica and Sigma announced a new partnership for the development of L-mount, which is based on the Leica mount. Second big announcement were two new full frame cameras – the Panasonic LUMIX S1 and the LUMIX S1R.

Shortly after the press conference we interviewed Mike Owen from Panasonic and asked about the new cameras. As this is an early prototype, we were not yet able to get all the information and couple of our questions remained without a clear answer.

Panasonic LUMIX S Full Frame Cameras – Known Specs

  • LUMIX S1R will have full frame 47MP sensor.
  • LUMIX S1 will have full frame 24MP sensor.
  • Both cameras will have identical bodies.
  • Both cameras will be capable or recording 4K in 50p/60p.
  • Both cameras will use the newly announced L-Mount which will use current Leica lenses and upcoming Panasonic and Sigma lenses.
  • New Dual I.S image stabilization works with both sensor and lens stabilization – first full frame mirrorless cameras to offer dual I.S.
  • Dual memory card slots for XQD cards and SD cards.
  • 3-axis tiltable LCD screen.

We have been assured that, when released, these cameras will have the best possible codec for video recording. Also autofocus for video recording is a priority for Panasonic, so hopefully the new cameras are supposed to have a powerful AF. We are still trying to confirm if the new cameras will have 10-bit internal recording. As soon as we get the official information from Panasonic, we will update the article.

L-Mount Lenses

With the launch of S1 and S1R cameras there will be three Panasonic lenses available – the 50mm F/1.4, a 24-105mm and a 70-200mm. Panasonic commited to have a lineup of more than 10 lenses for the L-Mount till 2020. Furthermore there will be Sigma and Leica lenses for the mount.

Both cameras along with the three Panasonic L-mount lenses should be released in the early 2019. We will keep you informed as new information will emerge (most likely also early 2019).

What do you think of the new full frame cameras from Panasonic? Do you believe in the new L-mount system? Let us know in the comments below.

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 blazintommyd blazintommyd
blazintommyd blazintommyd

I like using Panasonic cameras – right now I’m using SONY. My thought when I bought into SONY was … if only Panasonic made a full frame. BTW a Full Frame EVA1 would be Awesome. I’m getting used to SONY tho. It would be interesting to try one out to see for myself how they compare. You guys get all the fun. I’m one of those guys waiting for the A7sIII.

Facts Ahoy

Why full-frame? That doesn’t match cinema 35mm, and it has pretty fussy focusing (because of the excessively shallow DOF).

Ty Feague

Eek, not a very attractive looking device is it?

 Reuben Evans
Reuben Evans

It finally feels like there is a mirrorless manufacturer that isn’t holding back.

Facts Ahoy

We’ll see. They don’t state what the output is. If we can get raw out, that’s good. Give us 10-bit at the very least.


Raw? You’re funny. Why don’t you get a cinema camera instead of hoping things from stills camera manufacturers?

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