The Panasonic DVX200 – 4K Large-Sensor Camcorder

Finally here’s some very interesting news from Panasonic. The new Panasonic DVX200 that was just announced, is the successor to the legendary DVX100 camcorder that once held the bar for what a compact professional and ergonomic camcorder should be. The DVX200 is here to take up that standard. Will it live up to it?


What’s definitely impressive is its bold design, but there are some interesting things under the hood as well. 4K recording on a “large sensor” (Micro Four Thirds) with a built in fixed lens that is said to be a perfect package for ergonomic professional shooting.

This camera might be just what many documentary filmmakers and news shooters have been looking for.
The most important specs at a glance:

  • 4K/60p recording
  • 13X optical zoom
  • V-Log L gamma curve (12 stops of latitude, target)
  • Said to carry the VariCam family characteristics of filmic tonality

The camera is targeted to be shipping in fall of 2015 with a suggested list price under $5000.


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Crimson Son April 14, 2015

Hail to a legend. Along withe Canon XL1, the DVX100 popularized DIY digital film production.

At this point, a bit late to the game. But better than never.

Clayton Moore Reply
Clayton Moore April 14, 2015

Looks pretty good. I think filmic tonality will be a big deal here. People can just drone on about images looking too “video like” so if Panasonic via a V-log gamma curve and smoother tonality can over come that objection then they’ll really have something here.

There is something to be said to just pulling a camera out of the bag and going for it.

Alexander April 15, 2015

Everyone is missing something big here. Yes, its an awesome design…built in N.D. etc… I even own the original DVX100. Movie (NOVEMBER)/was even shot with it along with many credits. So, yes, I know this is huge. I know this camera will probably even look more filmic than the gh4. That is for me what it boils down too. How the image looks at the end of the day. A cinamatic image is a composite of different form factors. Resolution..dynamic range..color rendition..sensor size..etc.. So, I have no doubt the shallow depth of field will be there regardless of its fixed lens. I know that is a worry for some. Don’t be. The concern I have is…its sensor. Yes, it’s SENSOR!! Everyone keeps hearing micro four thirds. That’s not what this camera is. It just FOUR THIRDS. Its a tad bit smaller than gh4. Watch the video again up above. The Panasonic rep clearly indicates the sensor is a tad bit smaller than the gh4 or AF100. Which by the way is how small I’m willing to go for cinema application. I understand that a micro four thirds is just shy of celluloid 35mm motion picture and higher than super 16. So, I was okay with that, but no less. Now, they are telling us that this dvx200 is smaller than gh4 in sensor. That concerns me. Which is why I did not make the jump on the other 4k full camcorder also with fixed lens because that was only 2 3rds sensor. So, for motion picture…I don’t know… That’s a deal breaker for me. I’ll sacrifice interchangeable lenses for a filmic look..but a smaller sensor. I don’t know!!

Jake Rose Reply
Jake Rose April 16, 2015

Remember it was the VX1000 that started the prosumer party.

Alexander Torro April 16, 2015

Silent moving images were also used to tell a story, but talkies and color did a much better job at suspending disbelief to unfold their story. Yours is a mute point. Just because it was good then, does not mean it will work now, because it has to adapt to the times and technology. Does that make sense? As you see the trend of technology..All cameras are trying to capture that CINEMATIC experience by making their images close to 35mm celluloid film. Sure the dvx100 was groundbreaking!! First digital to offer 24p. Wow. This looks like a movie..not quite. Resolution..not the same..I’m not sold I’m watching a Hollywood production. Okay..let’s fix that..let’s make the HVX200. Entry 720 resolution. Improvement, still lacking an empty canvas to draw from for filmmakers because of its fixed lens and small sensor. BAM!!! The AF100. Now filmmakers are going to town. Still, a little soft. Celluloid has so much information of detail and dynamic range. Almost there AF100. Okay, 4k would make it even playing field for the category of resolution wise for cinema. GH4. Almost, we want Built in N.D. easier ergonomics.. Etc.. Okay here comes the DVX200. Economics there, along with filmic tonality from its father the varicam.. However they left out the most important part to suspend that DISBELIEF. The SENSOR Size. Hello MC. FLY…HELLO PANASONIC. you there!!! Are we going back in time. I can see a run and gun camera to address the easier workflow of the masses. Because we are instant gratification..society and we want everything there. I can see the fixed lens..
Not that I agree..but I can see that.. Only, a smaller sensor.. Why do that when that technology is already introduced in your under 5 thousand dollar market with GH4. Its already here. Why LEAVE IT OUT!! Is it not wiser to be more “run and Gun with an image that looks more true to cinema than not. Bigger sensor is here, why go back…in time..hello MC. Fly!!!


Tarek Saneh Reply
Tarek Saneh April 20, 2015

I think the sensor is great for what the camera is, you can put a 12x power zoom lens for a bigger sensor the camera will cost than twice as much, the only problem with this camera is that it record in 4.2.0 not it 4.2.2 witch is a problem for color sampling

Alexander Torro April 20, 2015

if you work with enough cameras then you would know that’s not good enough. Again, it depends on what your application is. If you’re doing weddings, documentaries, then great. Not for cinema. I understand what your saying, but that’s like adding a speed booster to a gh4. All that allows you to do is extract more of the existing sensor. Does not make the sensor bigger? NO!! There’s a difference. Your bound to the field of view of what this camera will only allow you to capture. A little less or equivalent to 16mm movie. Not even super 16mm movie. Again are movies shot on super 35 or 16mm? Some are 16mm like “Black Swan”. Not very many. So if your okay with that..then so be it. My biggest argument is why did not Panasonic develop the AF100 with 12 stops of dynamic range and of coarse 4k!!! That would be smart. There you have a camera for both serious filmmakers who are both starting out as well as experienced…but can’t afford an Alexa or a Varicam. Plus, you would still target the sports,/ wedding. gathering event/ people as well. That would be smart. I guess it was done on purpose because that would mean sales on varicams would drop as the af100 4k would be an everything camera. And they don’t want that. To have that…they want you to pay 50 thousand…hence the ” Varicam’!!

Michael Ryden Reply
Michael Ryden June 20, 2015

No necessarily true…. Panasonic has not disclosed this information yet; and the product on display at NAB was a pre-production model – I am hoping for 422 of course.

Tally April 30, 2015

I love seeing the reactions to the DVX200:

Moses Ludel July 20, 2015

I am very excited about this affordable run-and-gun DVX200 for my event, motorsports and technical shoots. The biggest weakness with my current AG-series Panasonic is low lighting conditions that demand wide open F-stop plus gain yet still result in “through the screen door” raw footage that always requires extra post-production work. I shoot in a wide range of lighting conditions—often panning with available light. Does anyone want to comment on the ISO equivalent of the DVX200 and its ability to stop down, at least move away from gain, in low lighting conditions? My current ISO is 50 equivalent, some AGs “boast” 150. Simply unacceptable beyond good daylight or flood light shooting.