Panasonic AU-EVA1 with a 5.7K Super35 Sensor: Why now? – Nela Pertl & Luc Bara – ON THE GO – episode 51

In this episode of ON THE GO, I took a drive with Panasonic’s Nela Pertl and Luc Bara through Hollywood, talking about the new kid on the block – their upcoming Panasonic AU-EVA1 camera.

Nela, Panasonic’s European Pro Video Marketing Manager, explains where the EVA1 stands in the Panasonic line-up – it isn’t a Varicam and it isn’t a Lumix MFT camera – so what is it? It records 4K 10-bit 4:2:2 internal, which definitely sets it apart from similarly-looking cameras like the Sony FS5, which can only do 8-bit internally in 4K.

We talked about the great dual ISO feature that will also be built into this camera, which will likely make it a low-light beast like the original Varicam 35.

I asked Nela why Panasonic was so late to the 35mm party – it’s a crowded market already, and Panasonic is kind of late in the game of sub $10K interchangeable Super35mm cameras. What do they see in the market to gain at this point, and what was missing for them what the EVA1 can fulfil?

We take a drive through Hollywood with Panasonic’s Nela and Luc to talk abut the Eva1

Last but not least, Luc Bara explains why the camera has a 5.7K sensor but only records 4K – and why it makes sense to have more pixels to work with for a sharper recorded image in the end.

In the next episode, we will go more in depth about the EVA1, its 4K recording capabilities and the workflow with the raw module, and much more. 

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 paolo baroni
paolo baroni

i think u r right Nino they understood they were out of the game….and i think this time ,giving more (iso,fps,codec) with less money compared to canon-sony offers, they will win the game, at least for a while…..till maybe sony will go FF on docu-clip cameras , that could change game again :)
it’s just the neverending story….just buy one and be happy :)

 Van Daven
Van Daven

I wonder: how can the AU-EVA1 be a “perfect” B-Cam to the S35 Varicam products when their sensor is actually inferior to the (new) 5.7K sensor according to the Panasonic representatives? Would there be any reason in purchasing a “prehistoric” (haha) 14K $$$ Varicam LT instead when it doesn’t reach 2000 lines of TV resolution? Seems very strange to me… Then, again, I am also wondering: Shouldn’t a sensor be at least 4x the resolution of a 4K sensor to actually gather enough R/G/B information for a “true” Tier 1 4K image? I have this wild guess that it might… Read more »

 Funky Punky Monkey Junk
Funky Punky Monkey Junk

“Shouldn’t a sensor be at least 4x the resolution of a 4K sensor to actually gather enough R/G/B information for a “true” Tier 1 4K image?” Why 4x instead of 3x? Remember 3-chip cameras? Supposedly a good deBayer can get you 2/3 of the raw resolution of the chip, so 4K photosites yield a real 2.7K of resolution after deBayering. True? I don’t know. I suppose there are tests out there somewhere. The bigger issue here is the 4:2:2 codec. That squanders a lot of the advantage of downscaling 5.7K, and it sucks for greenscreen. Also, none of the articles… Read more »

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