Panasonic Announces VariCam Pure With Uncompressed 4K 120 FPS

Panasonic team up with Codex to add uncompressed 4K RAW 120 FPS with HDR recording to its leading cinematography camera, the VariCam Pure.

panasonic-varicam-pure_2Using Codex’s integrated camera package (with no cables), the VariCam Pure outputs RAW files to the Codex Capture Drives, which are solid state recording media of up to 2TB of storage and with a bandwith of 20Gb/s. The 4K recording is offered in uncompressed RAW, at up to 120 FPS.

With its 14+ stops of dynamic range in HDR and with V-LOG, the VariCam Pure is used for leading television drama and cinematography capture, offering a modular configuration at a smaller size than the original VariCam setup even when the Codex is attached. The dual base ISO remains at 800/5000.

Using the Codex Production Suite, file handling and workflow are simplified to deliver not just complete dailies, but also ProRes and other deliverable files.

We’ll visit Panasonic at IBC. Let us know in the comments what you think of the latest development.

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