PAG – Mini PAGlink Batteries for V-Mount and Gold Mount plus Micro Charger

We talked to PAG representative Matthew Field about their new Mini PAGlink batteries and the PAGlink Micro Charger. Both products are available in V-Mount and Gold Mount.

Mini PAGlink Batteries

The new stackable Mini PAGlink batteries for both V-Mount and Gold Mount are designed to power smaller cameras (such as the EVA1, the Sony FS5 or even small mirrorless cameras) and their accessories. They come in two sizes – 50Wh and 100Wh and offer PAG’s smart linking technology.

Up to 8 batteries can be linked (stacked) together on a camera and up to 4 for charging. Once one battery is drained, it will act as a kind of a hot swap plate and the next battery in line will be used. It is even possible to mix 50Wh and 100Wh batteries in any state-of-charge to be linked. Their capacities can be accessed in combination, allowing a current draw of up to 12A. A linked battery can be added or hot-swapped at any time.

The batteries feature built-in 12V outputs to power accessories and each battery includes a fixed D-Tap output, as well as a removable module with 2A USB that can be swapped for a Lemo, Hirose or other D-Tap. PAG’s new mini batteries are compatible with larger V-Mount and Gold Mount plates.

Directly visible on the battery itself, there is a numeric display of run-time on-load, available capacity percentage and the number of charge/discharge cycles. The batteries offer digital communication, which enables them to display capacity values in the camera VF/ LCD.

PAG claims that their batteries are safe to fly with, as they went through UN transportation testing for Li-Ion batteries. In general, it is allowed to carry up to 20 batteries with a capacity under 100Wh and 2 batteries over 100Wh (maximum 160Wh).

The battery case features an ergonomic design for safer handling and a rubberised outer band for added protection. The battery itself also features two bush inserts (1/4”) that enable the mounting of a handle or an accessory bracket to individual or linked batteries.

PAGlink Micro Charger for V-Mount Batteries

According to PAG, this is the world’s smallest V-Mount battery charging kit. Its dimensions are 73 x 63 x 31mm (2.87 x 2.44 x 1.22”) and it only weighs 75g (2.6oz). It can be powered via a variety of 5-20V DC sources. Charging up to 4 PAGlink batteries simultaneously is supported.

The Micro Charger fully charges 1 (fully discharged) 96Wh PAGlink battery in 4hrs. Two batteries will be fully charged in 8 hours, 3 in 12 hours and all 4 batteries in 16 hours. 150Wh batteries will take 50% longer. The Micro Charger is compatible with PAGlink and Sony batteries.

The charging status of each battery is shown on its individual display. The most-discharged batteries are given priority until all of the batteries are in a similar state. They are then being fully charged simultaneously. The charger features LED indications for charging, charge completion, absent battery and faulty battery.

The charger can also be powered via a 12V vehicle battery through the dashboard lighter socket. Charging times are equivalent to those achieved when the charger is powered through AC supply. As a back-up option, the charger can be powered using a 2A USB wall-plug charger. The charging time for one 96Wh battery will, however, increase from 4 to approximately 10 hours.

The package includes a power supply unit (AC to DC converter) with a detachable plug for the country of use and DC power leads with vehicle cigarette lighter and USB connectors.

Pricing and Availability

The Mini PAGlink batteries will be available in 2019 (1st quarter for the Gold Mount version and 2nd quarter for the V-Mount). The Micro Charger is already available now, as it can also be used with the older, regular-sized PAGlink batteries.

What do you think of these new, stackable Mini PAGlink batteries? Can you imagine adding them to your set? Let us know in the comments below.

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those things did not perform well when we used them for a week long shoot. Cameras kept losing power at between 35-65% charge.

 Alvise Tedesco

James, the time traveller

André Wulf

Hi! :) I got a question on the EVA1 Professional group where I’m mod. How is the battery plate connected to the EVA1. Is it a new product that was introduced at IBC 2018?

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