Battle of the New Cine Zooms – On the Go Ep. 38 – feat. SONY, SIGMA & ZEISS

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These recent months saw the announcement of a large number of new and affordable cine zoom lenses. With a whole bunch of them falling under the $10,000 mark, they are relatively affordable and bring zoom optics of cinema quality to the masses at a price that until recently was unheard of. But why now, precisely? 

In this ride recorded during IBC 2016, we talk to Christophe Casenave from ZEISS. Zeiss recently released their Lightweight Zoom LWZ.3 21-100mm/T2.9-3.9, offering a focal range that makes it ideal for cinematic documentary shooting. Nino himself shot his latest documentary Through The Thick almost exclusively with this lens, and you can read all about it here and here.

Reiko Beitz from Sony Europe tells us about the development of their recent release: the Sony 18-110 f/4.

We also talked to Takuma-san from Sigma Corporation. Just a few weeks ago, Sigma announced a new range of cinema zooms based on the already very popular ART line zooms: 18-35mm, 50-100mm and 24-35mm. We discuss what motivated Sigma to turn these already very popular photo lenses into their new cine versions.

Please visit our sponsors’ websites to keep new episodes of ON THE GO coming! Thanks to Hedge for Mac,  G-TechnologyRøde MicrophonesSachtler and in association with Ford and Sony.


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Brian Linhoff Reply
Brian Linhoff November 2, 2016

Takuma, your famous.

Takuma Wakamatsu Reply
Takuma Wakamatsu November 3, 2016


Marina Leitner Reply
Marina Leitner November 2, 2016

Hallo Nino, bist du gelandet?