ON THE COUCH – from NAB 2014 – announcement

In addition to our regular reporting from NAB 2014 with product presentations, videos and news, we will introduce a new format this year – a talk show called “On the Couch” to be recorded at the Trump International Hotel close to the Las Vegas Convention Center, where the NAB Show takes place.

In this more laid-back atmosphere, I will talk to camera and accessories manufacturers, other well-known bloggers and filmmakers to talk about NAB trends, film productions and much more.

We will record shows throughout the NAB exhibition, which lasts from April 7-10.

supported by:On-the-couch---sponsors

This is only possible thanks to our generous sponsors B&H, Zeiss, Vitec Videocom and Tools on Air. 

Here’s our schedule so far, subject to change (and other shows to be added). Please don’t hesitate to shoot us any questions you might have for these guests! Either right here in the comments below this post, in the forum or via email.

The shows will not be broadcast live, but recorded in a multi-camera setup “direct to HDD” and put online as fast as possible after the recording wraps. Each show will last around 30 minutes.


Recording times below – please send us questions beforehand!

Monday, April 7 – 05.30pm PDT
Guests: Philip Bloom, Ryan Koo, Joe Marine
Topics: Major trends at NAB 2014

Tuesday, April 8 – 10.00am PDT
Guests: ZEISS- Barry Andersson, Michael Schiehlen, Dr. Aurelian Dodoc
Topics: Compact Primes, Compact Zoom lenses, Anamorphic, other topics

Tuesday, April 8 – 05.00pm PDT
Guests: Canon, Blackmagic Design
Topics: New products from Canon and Blackmagic Design

Wednesday, April 9 – 10.00am PDT
Guests: Dana Cristensen DP, Mark & Gabi Hayes – Justin Jensen, CEO Cinetics
Topics: Running a successful Kickstarter campaign – Financing an indie projects & products, “Hasselhoff documentary” announcement and trailer premiere

Wednesday, April 9 – 06.00pm PDT
Guests: Steve Weiss, Jens Bogenhegn, Rodney Charters, ASC
Topics: New products from Zacuto, trends of NAB 2014 and what will shooting look like in the future?

Thursday, April 10 – 10.00am PDT
Guests: B&H – Gabriel Biderman (show lead sponsor)
Topics: Who are B&H? Philosophy and history of US’s largest pro camera dealer

Thursday, April 10 – 04.00pm PDT
Guests: The Bui Brothers, Jan Woletz and Christof G. Dertschei.
Topics: Financing indie films – crowdfunding or what else? Does shooting in 4K make sense – two very different positions ….

Please check back frequently as this schedule might be adjusted with new guests and shows to be added.

Watch it on Vimeo

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Kjetil Kaasa
Kjetil Kaasa

Questions for Canon April 8.

1)How will Canon respond to the “4K wave” and the giant gap in price now that the
Canon 1D C is at $ 9,999
and Panasonic GH4 is at $ 1698.

2)Why has not Canon given us any native RAW opportunities in the DSLR cameras. It’s clearly shown possible!

Posted 04/04/14
New camera’s are not yet released.

Johnnie Behiri

Thanks Kjetil!

Guys, more question please!

Strike Films

I couldent agree more, Canon is obviously aware of these amazing images people are gettign with these cameras. You would think they would want to be proud of that and promote it.

alex chailan

Question about the clean HDMI for the 1dx, it will be release or not ?

Caleb Rasak

I would love for you guys to ask Black Magic Design when we can expect a big firmware update for their camera line. I own a BMPC4K I have had issues with my image on 2 cameras now. Both cameras have had vertical banding the first camera being extreme second camera being more subtle but still there. I love the image out of the camera if this unnecessary noise wasnt there. I would love a HUGE firmware update for these cameras. We need more features and for the sensor to be black balanced or calibrated by the user. Black Magic… Read more »


Second this. I’ve had mine waiting in my cart for a couple months now. After hearing of the numerous banding issues and sensor problems, I decided to wait to see how the other companies would respond at NAB.


Make me #3 on this request. BMD has been dodgy about even admitting the 4k issues publicly. We really need new firmware ASAP.

Michael Asquith
Michael Asquith

Agreed. Please ask them about firmware updates to the 2.5k BMCC, especially regarding frame rates. Are higher frame rates coming? Even 40-50 fps in burst mode would be a HUGE plus.

Brendan O'Connor
Brendan O'Connor

We do need an answer to these firmware requests. Ability to access the SSD for space remaining and to delete files is a must.

Peter Kent

Yes, this really needs to be question number one with Blackmagic; we NEED in camera formatting, clip deletion and time remaining. NEED.

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