ON THE COUCH – ep. 29 – part 1 – “When David Fincher Calls You …” – Drew Geraci, Claus Andersen, Greg Crosby

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Drew Geraci, Claus Andersen, Greg Crosby

Drew Geraci is a cinematographer based in Washington DC, and specialises in time-lapse shooting. His most notable piece of work is probably the opening sequence of the Netflix hit show “House Of Cards“, one of the most popular shows in the world today. He had posted some of his time-lapse work online, when he suddenly got a call from none other than show creator David Fincher who commissioned him to shoot the opening sequence. If for some odd reason you haven’t seen the show yet, I definitely recommend checking it out.

Here’s the intro sequence of House Of Cards season 2:

Claus Andersen from Bodhi Visuals in Denmark is a filmmaker who runs a number of very popular filmmaking groups on Facebook. They are mostly based around shooting with modern cameras, among them the very popular Sony a7S user group, which has proven to be a great source of insight about the popular Sony mirrorless cameras.

Greg Crosby works for G-Technology, one of the sponsors of our show. He tells us about how they focus on workflow solutions for people like Drew, who deal with huge amounts of data on their time-lapse shoots every day. Drew tells us how he now works with the a7S II 12 Megapixels RAW and a7R II in 42 Megapixels RAW, which sometimes results in over 1 TB of data for a single time-lapse shot. In the show, Drew explains the challenges and advantages behind handling this kind of quality and resolution.

Stay tuned for part 2 of our conversation with Drew, Claus and Greg!


Please visit our sponsors’ websites to keep new episodes of ON THE COUCH coming! Thanks to G-Technology and Røde Microphones.


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