Kessler’s Chris Beller & Tom Guilmette – ON THE COUCH Ep. 18

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This is the first show we recorded at Cine Gear 2014, but it’s the last one we are posting because we tried to get rid of some audio issues we had on the show. Sorry for that, there is still some hiss on some of my comments, that was a frequency issue.

We sat down with director of photography Tom Guilmette and Chris Beller from Kessler to talk about current projects, new products and the importance of camera sizes in this day and age of film and video production.

Tom is a seasoned cameraman who spent years shooting sports in big stadiums with huge cameras, and like many of us continuously embraced the opportunities that new camera technology offered to him. He shares his experiences in a wealth of very elaborate blog posts on his blog


We talked about the importance of staying up-to-date with new technology in the camera field these days as the opportunities keep expanding constantly, and many feel buried under a multitude of options. Those who become complacent stay behind.

Chris Beller and Tom explained new Kessler products like the impressive Uni Drive, a simpler yet powerful motion control system for Kessler sliders that was introduced during NAB 2014 and which starts shipping right now.

We also talked about a recent commercial production which Tom made with a lot of Kessler gear, for the boating company Nightingale Charters – including very long jib arms on moving boats, which sounds hard to accomplish …

Tom Guilmette shooting commercials for Nightingale Charters using Kessler equipment.

Tom Guilmette shooting commercials for Nightingale Charters using Kessler equipment.

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Florian Klaes Reply
Florian Klaes July 17, 2014

by far the best episode – especially concerning the industry matter and demographic change – love it – thanks! Cant wait for photokina and IBC!

Cinema5D Reply
Cinema5D July 17, 2014

Thanks Florian! Have you watched all the episodes? I think there are a few gems in there to be discovered. Yes, we aim to shoot more OTC episodes at those two shows. Stay tuned.

Florian Klaes Reply
Florian Klaes July 17, 2014

Of course, Shane Hurlbut was one of those gems. Then looking forward to finally meet you guys in cologne and amsterdam ;-)

Andrew Sorenson Reply
Andrew Sorenson July 17, 2014

I’ve worked on major shows shooting on tape with the Panasonic HDX900. Super common in reality television. Sure it is on the way out, but it still happens. A lot of production companies are milking the last little bit out of their tape based work flow before they switch to something else.

Nino Leitner Reply
Nino Leitner July 22, 2014

Definitely. But it’s not only that, the whole archiving workflow is much easier to handle. I know TV stations I work for which put out everything to tape for archival purposes, even if it’s been shot on cards.

One other TV channel I recently shot for sometimes shoots in HD, then outputs to DVCPro tapes and then the uprez to HD for broadcast, completely mental, but that’s how it goes these days.