“The Voice” Editors, Discovery Studios media manager & G-Technology – ON THE COUCH Ep. 15

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This episode of ON THE COUCH was shot in the heart of Hollywood at the W Hotel during Cine Gear 2014 and features a number of guests who are related to the post production industry:

Robert M. Malachowski, Supervising Editor and Grant Masson, Associate and Online Editor at the TV show “The Voice“, Justin Bloch, Media Manager at Discovery Studios, and Mark Anderson, Solutions Engineer at G-Technology / HGST shared the couch for this interesting discussion.

We talked about the fast turn arounds necessary for such huge (and hugely successful) TV shows as The Voice, where dozens of cameras are shooting singers, performers and the behind-the-scenes at the same time. How do they deal with all the footage that is generated? How do they backup all of it? How is it actually edited and how much time do they have for that?


Justin Bloch from Discovery Studios talks about their very different challenges with many documentary crews out shooting simultaneously for various shows – different cameras and workflows require Justin to transcode most of the footage in order to make it ideal for editing in Avid.

Last but not least, Mark Anderson from G-Technology talks about how new storage products can help with these challenges and make edit suites ready for the fast-approaching 4K requirements of the future.

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