ON THE COUCH ep 12 – Mr. Hasselhoff, Tear Down This Wall (Documentary)

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This is the 12th episode of ON THE COUCH, the last one recorded at NAB 2014, this time with the makers of the documentary “Mr. Hasselhoff, Tear Down This Wall”, Gabi and Mark Hayes as well as Dana Christiaansen. I was personally involved as a shooter/DP on this documentary.

“Mr. Hasselhoff, Tear Down This Wall” deals with the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989 and the fact that David Hasselhoff’s song “Looking for Freedom” became an unlikely hymn for many people from East Germany as it happened to be released during that summer and fall of change. Gabi and Mark Hayes have a very personal story, because Gabi is originally from East Germany and Mark (US citizen) met her years before the wall came down in East Germany. Hasselhoff performed the song in front of thousands at the Brandenburg Gate in Germany.


We filmed with David Hasselhoff in Germany and Austria, following him on his concert tours and revisiting places like the Brandenburg gate. We shot a re-recording of that iconic song in Berlin recently, together with the song’s first singer, Marc Siebert.


Mark, Gabi and Dana talk about the difficulties of getting independent (in this case even self-financed) documentary projects off the ground, and what it takes to be a documentary filmmaker in this day and age. We also touched on the hugely different cameras we used on this shot, anything from an Arri Alexa to a C300, an FS700 and a 5D Mark II – and the challenges of making them look alike in post.

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