NiSi F3 – Full Frame Cinema Prime Lenses With Interchangeable Mount

The cine optics category has become slightly more crowded with the introduction of a new affordable line of cinema primes. The T2.0 (with one exception) NiSi F3 set covers full frame 46.5mm format sensors and the set of five primes won’t break the bank either.

NiSi F3

Announced at NAB, manufacturer NiSi has released a set that includes 75mm, 25mm, 50mm, 35mm and 100mm primes aimed at cinema shooters. The lenses come with a PL, EF and Sony E mount that are user changeable.

NiSi F3 Cine Prime Lenses

Notably, the front diameter is uniform (95mm) for each lens in the line making matte box fitting easier and the gears are also standardized leading to easier lens swaps/follow focus fitting. Each lens is a speedy T2.0 with the exception of the 25mm, which hits closer to T2.1 according to NiSi. Full technical specs breakdown is below:

NiSi F3

The left column on the above chart is empty because NiSi also plans to add an 18mm prime to the set by “mid 2018”. These are pretty common and popular focal lenghts, indeed. Let’s see how this new set of prime lenses copete with other “affordable” glass out there. The fact that the mount is user interchangeable is very welcomed, though. It’s very handy to be able to switch back and forth between different mounts (read: cameras).

NiSi F3

You can find more information from the manufacturer on these new cine optics HERE.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing is not finalized, but will be “around $12,000” for the set. Individual lenses will be around $2,500 each. This is not exactly cheap but in the world of full-fledged cine prime lenses it’s not very expensive, either. One ARRI MasterPrime alone will cost you double the amount of the whole set of NiSi F3 cine primes.

The lenses will be available from the end of April (or around May). That’s when pre-ordering and manufacturing starts.

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