New Vocas Follow Focus Units With Friction Control

The two newly-developed Vocas Follow Focus units feature a direct-drive design with friction control and no play. Read on for all the details.

The Vocas MFC-3 follow focuses are unique in the way that the control wheel and gear wheel are constructed as one unit. This results in a play-less focusing operation that reduces shake and increases focusing accuracy. It also means that when using lenses with a small focus throw – as is the case with photography lenses – the 1:1 rotation ratio makes for smoother and longer focus pulls.

Vocas Follow Focus

There are two models available; MFC-3 and MFC-3F, with the F standing for ‘friction’. This model has an adjustable friction setting that allows the operator to adjust the tension when turning the focus wheel for a more precise feel of the focus pull.

The follow focus unit can rotate on the rail mount so it can be used with a wide range of lenses, but can also be adjusted to the most comfortable position for a camera on a shoulder-rig or simply fixed on a tripod.

As well as these new Vocas follow focus systems, the manufacturer has also developed new accessories for the Canon C200 and Panasonic AW EVA-1. For more information, visit

The Vocas MFC-3 follow focus is available for €470.00, with the MFC-3F priced at €535.00.

Are you looking for an adaptable follow focus unit like the Vocas MFC-3 for your camera setup? Let us know in the comments.