Hands-on with Sigma Cinema Prime and Zoom Lenses

After the success of their ART lenses, the Sigma cinema line of primes and zooms marks their foray into the cine lens market.

Responding to the success of the ART range, Sigma has designed a new range for videographers and cinematographers, with 8 new fast cine primes and zoom lenses for full frame and super 35/APS-C cameras. The optics are the same as the ART range, but rehoused into a cinema lens with gears and 180 degree focus throw.

The Sigma Cinema prime lenses come in focal lengths of 20mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm and 85mm, all at a very fast aperture of T/1.5, and are all full frame compatible. They come in EF, PL and E-mount, have rugged metal housing and a front diameter of 95mm, meaning they can be easily changed on a camera rig or matte box/follow focus setup.

sigma cinema prime 35mm lens

The Sigma Cinema 18-35mm and 50-100mm zoom lenses are for super 35/APS-C, with a fast aperture of T/2 and ready for high resolutions of 6K and 8K. They are also compact in comparison to other lens models, keeping the camera footprint small without compromising on quality. They’ll be available in EF, PL and E-mount, with a filter size of 82mm; ideal for swapping ND filters.

The 24-35mm is the full frame zoom model in the Sigma Cinema range, with a maximum constant aperture of at T/2.2. It is also very compact and 6K/8K ready, and will be available in EF and E-mount, with no PL mount option (yet). Following suit with the other lenses, the size and filter thread diameter is the same at 95mm and 82mm respectively.

Sigma also have a mount conversion service, should you wish to convert the full frame 24-35mm to PL mount.
[UPDATE]: The Sigma 24-35mm T2.2 will not be available for PL mount, so you the conversion to PL mount will not be possible.

Pricing is still to be determined, but the two super 35 zooms are expected to be available at the end of 2016, with the full frame zoom and prime lenses becoming available in spring 2017. In Europe, you can get more info from CVP here.

Like the look of the new Sigma cine lenses? Let us know in the comments!

cinema5D at NAB 2016
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Astral Xilef Reply
Astral Xilef September 10, 2016

gh5 news pls

Palmer Woodrow September 13, 2016

Wrong article. This is about lenses.

Ari Miller Reply
Ari Miller September 10, 2016

Price point??

Patrick Zadrobilek September 10, 2016

How about lens breathing, vignetting and are the zooms parfocal?
The 18-35 Art photo lens is great but for example has just a bit too much vignetting so they are not nice for greenscreen shoots. With the sames lenses only rehoused, they will look the same like the photo lenses, I assume.


Palmer Woodrow September 13, 2016

Also, I wonder if a 77mm filter can be adapted to cover the glass of these lenses adequately, despite their 95mm diameter.

Bummer to have to re-buy a bunch of filters, especially when the cheapest 95mm ND 1.5 with IR filtration is $300.

Matthew Carmody Reply
Matthew Carmody September 11, 2016

The cvp link didn’t work for me. I searched “sigma cine” and got this page.

Johnnie Behiri September 11, 2016

Hi Matthew.

We are aware of this problem and working directly with CVP to fix this problem.

Thank you.


Matthew Carmody Reply
Matthew Carmody September 11, 2016

No worries :)

Nathan Lee Bush September 12, 2016

So psyched about these! If the price is right, I’ll definitely be buying.

Palmer Woodrow September 13, 2016


Great job, Cinema5D: You let people type in their comment and then, when they log in, YOU DELETE THE COMMENT.

WTF? How offensive do you want to be?

Meanwhile, it’s NOT that crowded a market. The Rokinon/Samyangs are junk, and everything else is pretty damned expensive.

This could be a great move by Sigma. I was wondering why they didn’t sell cine lenses.

Felix Martens September 14, 2016

I was at their booth at ibc and was told to expect pricing to be around 5k Eur for the zooms as well as each of the primes. The representative told me they compare their products to the canon CN-E Primes and consider their optics superior, hence the pricing in that range…
I tried the zooms on display there and as far as I could tell, breathing is much reduced in comparison to my photo-versions but especially on the 50-100 still very visible. To my eye they also held focus through zooming and the representative said that they should, but I’m not totally convinced that it will be the case for every lens.
Focus rotation is much extended but still only 180degrees. Iris rotation is rather small.
Personally, I wasn’t convinced, even though I love my photo versions of the zooms. If the prices really come out at 5k (photo versions are 700,- and 1.000,- in Germany) I think they come way too close to more attractive options from zeiss and especially the new angenieux…

Palmer Woodrow September 14, 2016

If that price is anywhere near accurate, it’s a huge disappointment and very poor strategy. As a new entrant to the market, you don’t price your wares the same as those of respected, established players.

Damn, what a missed opportunity for Sigma.

Will check out the Angenieux. Thanks for the info and the tip.

Felix Martens September 14, 2016

some more interesting info: the representative also told me that they didn’t consider getting into the cine lens market until they realized, that 30% of their lens sales go into the video market.
Also they said that mount conversions can be done, but not by the user. He also said they’re planing to offer that service for free.

All this info is just from a brief talk with one sigma-guy on their booth, so please take everything with a grain of salt until official info is announced!