NAB 2014 video – The JVC GY-LSX2 has 4K, 240fps and does Super35mm with MFT mount!

jvccamYou might have heard about that JVC has now also entered the large sensor market. And that this intriguing little camera covers super35mm on an MFT mount, which makes no sense. Oh but it does make sense, and the looks of this camera are truly noteworthy, so read on for all the details.

lenses_jvcAs Edgar Shane from JVC put it this lens mount is MFT and many people rightfully say that MFT lenses shouldn’t cover its super35mmm sized sensor. But apparently there are quite a few lenses that will cover it very well and the Olympus models Edgar mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg.

Some examples of lenses that cover super35 or more include the famous Samyang cine lenses, most of which have been adapted to MFT and will cover a full frame sensor. If you’re into cine-glass, there’s the whole range of Zeiss’ lovely CP.2 primes with interchangeable lensmount that can all be equipped with their respective MFT base.
Add to that any other lens you might want to use with the numerous adapters from MFT to any other lens mount system.

If you’re into using a zoom rocker again, there are even lenses by Panasonic like this one that incorporate internal zoom electronics and will be activated by the JVC’s zoom rocker.

In terms of specs the JVC GY-LSX2 has some really intriguing figures to offer. Not only is it very small and looks very ergonomic to handle, but it offers 4K with frame rates up to 30p as well as a slow motion feature at 2K resolution that will go up to 240fps.
The footage is being recorded internally with an h.264 kind of codec.
Given JVC’s history in sensor design one can expect the lowlight capabilities to be at least acceptable.

The quality of the footage itself looked very impressive. There was a 4K screen nearby that showed helicopter footage with great detail. While the brilliance of other 4K footage recorded by a RED camera on a second screen also nearby couldn’t be matched, the results were quite remarkable. This footage is yet to hit the internet.

The JVC GY-LSX2 is announced with a price point “under $6000” and to come at the end of 2014.
The bigger brother, called GY-LSX1 will feature a higher framerate (60p) at 4K resolution, offer a shoulder-mount form factor and seems to come in at around twice the price of the small one. There might be other features to justify the higher price point as well.

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Steven Pix

Unfortunately the 1080p240 is not on the Handheld LSX2 but on Shoulder model LSX1

Sebastian Wöber
Sebastian Wöber

How do you know? That’s what Edgar from Sony told me…