NAB 2014 video – The DJI Ronin is a sub $5000 stabilized gimbal that doesn’t look DIY

DJI_RONINHere’s another new handheld stabilized gimbal system by a company that has been impressing us with brushless gimbal products before. Last year we reported about the impressive DJI phantom quadcopter.

DJI has been around for a while working with brushless gimbal technology, but this is first time they’ve been presenting a Mōvi kind of product. At this NAB I’ve also looked at Letus’ approach which felt to me lighter and easier to handle than this one, but what caught my eye with the DJI Ronin was that it is first of its kind that looks like an actual product and not like a do-it-yourself kit like all the others I’ve seen.

And there is an ergonomic approach here indeed with the idea of a tool less setup that allows you to adjust and operate everything with your hands. The option to shoot in reverse helps in getting the right angles and the dedicated battery runs quite long with feedback led’s.

The DJI Ronin will be available in a month and cost under $5000.

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