NAB 2014 video – Letus Helix: A new sub $5000 stabilized gimbal with a twist

letusAs expected we’re seeing numerous camera stabilization systems here at NAB that look very much like the Freefly Mōvi and only a few come close to the functionality of the original. But gear manufacturer Letus has something very special to show off. Their brushless gimbal system gives us a fresh look at camera stabilization.

Personally I have had a critical opinion about brushless gimbal systems due to the uncomfortable way of operation, the limited smoothness and control that some of them offer and the price tag that is often too high for me.
Letus here put their Helix system into my hands yesterday and I was immediately convinced that there is a gimbal I might like as well.

What convinced me about the Letus approach?
Well first of all I really liked the way this one is being operated differently than others. It had the C100 on it, but never the less was much lighter than any other gimbals I had held. Add to that the fact that it is a lot more compact and can be held very closely to the body which makes a huge difference in control and ease of use. It feels very light because you can keep your arms close to your hips.
What I also liked was the way tilting up and down is achieved by rotating the handle. This is a very intuitive way of controlling the camera all around, it is very direct and made it feel like there’s a lot of control.

Another thing to mention is, that while this stabilizer still makes it easier to film your talent’s hip area than an actual eye level kind of shot, the camera is higher up than on most other systems I’ve seen.

Finally, the setup was very smooth and easy to use. I liked it and I liked the price tag too. It’s estimated at $4000-$5000. While it might still be too steep for many, it is really one of the very few gimbal stabilizers I can recommend and I’d not invest into all the “cheaper” stuff out there. Nino, who has worked a lot with his Freefly Mōvi also seemed positively surprised with the ergonomics of the product and our friend Sebastién Devaud seemed quite interested in the 1-axis version which would put the twisting base onto a steadycam setup.

The Letus Helix is being refined and they talked about a release date within 4-5 weeks which would mean mid May 2014. We’ll keep you posted.

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André April 10, 2014

So now only $5000 for milled aluminum, 3 brushless motors, cables, connectors and a gimbal controller.

What a deal … not.

Ash April 17, 2014

CAME is like $900 –

CMP April 10, 2014

It does look like, you can’t mount a remote follow focus ont this unit. If so this would be the only reason not buy it. Plus maybe weight.. Would be nice to be able to mount a f55 on it too.

Sebastian Wöber April 10, 2014

Why would you not be able to put a remote ff on it?

soufian April 10, 2014

This looks like great…for DSLR, not for a bigger camcorder such as a F5.

Peter Kent April 21, 2014

I think this looks great, it’s a shame the Movi gets all the hype when this is obviously the superior product. I hated that FreeFly was way over charging for a gimmicky handheld version of a quadcopter gimble, this is still priced a little high (compared to CAME) but at least it’s more reasonably priced and adds new functionality like the ability to work on a Stedicam and the internal wire routing. Really should be $2000-3000 though and really should have released last year lol.

Oscar Goldman Reply
Oscar Goldman March 20, 2015

Why has “brushless” become a buzzword? Were prospective customers seriously aware of, let alone railing against, the internal design of the motors they encounter day to day?