NAB 2014 video – F&V also has an impressive EVF: The Spectra HD4

FV-SpectraHD-4-720p-monitor-and-EVFOne of our favourite light & gear manufacturers F&V have released an HD EVF of their own this week, joining the few other HD EVF’s out there that we’ve seen hit the marke over the last year.

F&V makes some of the greatest quality LED lights we’ve seen, yet also offers the most affordable prices. At NAB they released some new versions of their famous K4000 including the K8000 which is twice as large, a new and really good follow focus, as well as a whole new line of rigging parts which can soon all be found here.

While I’ve recently been searching for a suitable EVF that would be a good match for all the cameras I’m using I still haven’t been able to find one I’m happy with.

Here’s another possible choice, the new F&V Spectra HD4 which has a resolution of 1280×720 and features a large screen size of 4.3 inch, similar to the smallHD DP4.
It has inputs and outputs for SDI and HDMI and allows for cross conversion between the two just like the new Zacuto Gratical EVF.

The large screen size of the impressive screen is intended to give you the possibility to use the EVF as a monitor. While this might not be ideal approach for people who want to go for a small-sized EVF, it is surely a valid small monitor solution.

The loupe itself is still big and unhandy, but I was told they will try to reduce the length for the final version in order to make the design more suitable for small setups.

The Spectra HD4 will be available this summer at