NAB 2014 video – edelkrone’s fascinating new products: Wing & Motion Control

wingedelkrone is a company that keeps fascinating us with their affordable, inventive gear ideas. Also it seems they’re in a habit of doubling the size of their booth each year. In 2014 they’re taking an impressive center position in the production hall.

The first product Kadir Köymen showed me is a concept called “Wing” that is a slider that doesn’t slide, but instead moves the camera with the help of a sophisticated articulated arm mechanism. Kadir mentioned to me that the design is not complete and they will still work on perfecting it to make it widely applicable.

wizard_moreinfo05The other intriguing product was an add-on to the existing sliderplus & sliderplus pro that turns it into a motion control system. While it is marketed as a motion control system it can probably be better explained as a motorized slider solution that is very intuitive to setup because that is done by positioning and moving the camera itself to set in- and outpoints.

Together with the target module this is an extremely nice product to help you upgrade your sliding shots. Well done Kadir.

Watch it on Vimeo

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Sally May 14, 2014

Je suis tombé sur votre poste par chance et puis je ne le regrette pas !!