NAB 2014 video – Atomos Shogun gets the 4K out of Sony’s A7s

shogunYou’ve heard about the new Sony A7s that delivers a very fine 4K at unprecedented lowlight levels. Unfortunately the camera is not laid out for internal 4K recording and only outputs that signal via its hdmi port.

Atomos and Sony have worked closely together here to offer a seamless integration in recording the feed to the new Atomos Shogun 4K disk recorder that doubles as a very nice display. CEO Jeromy young gave us the details in the video above.


The Atomos Shogun records ProRes 422 in 4K and up to 10bit via its hdmi input and can also record 12bit RAW via SDI, while the Sony A7s delivers an 8bit hdmi stream. The results are never the less very pleasing which you can check out yourselves in the video we posted here.

shogun-pullout-featuresThe full HD IPS screen doubles as a field monitor and is factory calibrated to SMPTE Rec.709 with 100% gamut and D65 white point.

The Shogun records to hard disks, to a dedicated RAID module or the new Cfast CF cards and can even take slow motion up to 120fps.

While the Atomos Shogun was announced together with the Sony A7s it does also work with other cameras like the new Panasonic GH4 or the flagship cinemaEOS camera the Canon EOS C500.

The Shogun will be $1995 and start shipping in October. It is available for pre-order here.

Atomos-Ninja-StarWe reported about another nice product by Atomos, the Atomos “Ninja Star” which is their first disk recorder without a display.

The Ninja Star can record in both HD and Apple ProRes to capture pristine, 422 10-bit images straight from any camera sensor directly to inexpensive first generation CFast media with up to 3hrs Apple Proes for $250. It also features Timecode and Start/Stop Trigger along with Audio Line-in.

The Ninja Star is available for pre-order and cost $295.

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Michael Krauss April 8, 2014

Atomos Star – great idea!! I’m primarily a DSLR shooter and at that price point, I could purchase two (one for each camera) and avoid all the transcoding in post.
But why would Atomos instal a HDMI micro input? The HDMI micro has to be the most unreliable video connector on the market!

oscar April 9, 2014

exactly my thought. why HDMI micro….. bummer.
But I´ll get one anyway for the 5D3

Julian April 9, 2014

Im sure this is a foolish question, but would this assist at all with 5D Mark 3 Raw Video?

Sebastian Wöber April 9, 2014


John Buckman April 19, 2014

Regarding the Ninja Star: The article says 64GB CFast card delivers 3 hours ProRes recording, but the video says 1 hour, which seems correct. Would it not be possible to record to ProRes on CF cards? We have an amazing product, a $300 hdmi external recorder but the storage is 5x the price of SSD drive? I’m confused… It would cost $2000 just to use the ninja star and have space for a few hours of recording…

Jesus Carrillo May 29, 2014

Probably a dumb question but I have to ask. On the Atomos website there is a message from the CEO of Atomos that says, “4k from any Camera for the masses.” Jeromy Young

Does this mean I can record 4k using my Canon 5d Mark iii I just need the special HDMI cable?

Paul June 28, 2014

No. Your camera must be 4k capable in order to record 4k. The Atomos Shogun 4K can be used with different cameras that support 4k.

Hydrofilms July 28, 2014

Maybe another silly question. The A7S can record 120fps but only in 720p. Will the Atomos Shogun allow 120fps from the A7S in 1080p?

lou October 29, 2014

Can I use Shogun with GOPRO 4 BLACK at 30fps 4k RAW?

lou chiger October 29, 2014

Can I use Shogun with Nikon 1 V2 in burstmode at 20 fps (14 megapixels) without the buffer limits?? (now 2 seconds)