NAB 2014 video – All the details about Sony’s F5 & F55 hardware upgrades

f5_newSony’s professional cinema cameras the Sony F5 and Sony F55 have been quite popular among filmmakers and documentarists alike. With the new upgrades Sony addresses many of the things that will make their work and workflow much more ergonomic and offers the option to upgrade an F5 to become an F55.

• Sony adds a shoulder mount, wireless and buttons kit to its F5/F55 4K camera to allow it to be used as an ENG style camera
• The F5 can now be upgraded to become an F55 which adds global shutter and the option to record 4K internally. The pricing of an F5 plus upgrade will more or less match that of a new F55.
• Sony adds ProRes recording
• And Avid DNxHD recording (both via a hardware upgrade option)
Files will be stored and recorded internally to the F5 and F55 via Sony’s SxS PRO+ memory cards, which were designed to handle mission-critical applications. Compared to competitive card formats Sony’s SxS PRO+ cards are far less prone to file corruption due to their advanced design, robustness and sustained writing speeds of 187MB/s.
• The F5, F55 and F65 all receive upgrades in firmware version 4.

It will be a cost option hardware upgrade for both the F5, and F55. It will need to be performed at Sony’s service center.

Pricing and Timing of the option board is not final (The same board will have both third party codecs)

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