NAB 2014 video – A quick look at Blackmagic’s 4K URSA camera

Blackmagic-URSA-PLOne would think we can’t be surprised anymore when it comes to new cameras by Blackmagic. But here we are again at this year’s NAB where we’re seeing yet another way to design a camera.

The new Blackmagic “URSA” was announced in a press release this morning and leaves us both positively surprised and wondering if the concept can really work. Blackmagic calls it a “high end digital film camera” and one that would “revolutionise workflow on set”.

In the video above you can see Tim and Nino go over the basic features of the camera and they noticed the massive 10″ screen which is intended to replace your regular on-set production monitor. This does make sense, but if it will be used and needed the way Blackmagic seems to imagine is a question that remains to be answered. After all, on a full scale production client monitors are usually separated from the camera by intent.
We know Blackmagic’s design ideas are well thought through, but with the first Blackmagic cameras we noticed they might not always be ideal for real cameramen.


The other interesting design element is the detachable / user upgradable sensor module. Very interesting concept indeed.

We can confirm the pictures coming from the camera look truly amazing. They did on the screen right next to the camera.

What remains to be seen is if the lowlight capabilities are any better than on the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K which were not very convincing in our tests and are becoming a more and more important sales argument for modern filmmakers. Rumor has it that we won’t be seeing much improvement here.

The camera is said to start shipping this summer.
For more information and pictures on the camera see the press release here.