NAB 2014 video – A closer look at the revolutionary Andra Follow Focus

AndraMCUandApp_gThis is truly the most innovative product I’ve seen at NAB this year. The Andra Motion Focus has been announced a few days ago and the inventor Sam Fisher gave me a quick run through the system at his booth.

The response time and accuracy of the Andra motion focus is breathtaking. It makes every other solution we’ve seen irrelevant and shows us how focusing is supposed to be done. Check out the videos below to see the focusing system in action.

I’m sure this will be used on many productions to come and seeing out-of-focus shots will become a thing of the past. The way Sam puts it in the video when he says that you don’t want to be hampered by having to deal with something technical when you’re trying to do something creative catches the heart of what filmmakers around the world are after. Here’s one great device that fulfils that idea.

Watch it on Vimeo