NAB 2014 video – A closer look at the revolutionary Andra Follow Focus

AndraMCUandApp_gThis is truly the most innovative product I’ve seen at NAB this year. The Andra Motion Focus has been announced a few days ago and the inventor Sam Fisher gave me a quick run through the system at his booth.

The response time and accuracy of the Andra motion focus is breathtaking. It makes every other solution we’ve seen irrelevant and shows us how focusing is supposed to be done. Check out the videos below to see the focusing system in action.

I’m sure this will be used on many productions to come and seeing out-of-focus shots will become a thing of the past. The way Sam puts it in the video when he says that you don’t want to be hampered by having to deal with something technical when you’re trying to do something creative catches the heart of what filmmakers around the world are after. Here’s one great device that fulfils that idea.

Watch it on Vimeo

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Dugo April 9, 2014

Now, this is dumb as a wet rock. Take something simple — and then over-complicate it to the n-th degree. Simply brilliant — and costs a veritable mint, to boot.

oscar April 9, 2014

18grand – wow.
I can pull a lot of focus for that :)

Tim Pek Reply
Tim April 10, 2014

Thats price, indie filmmakers can survive without that.

Myles April 10, 2014

Hmm. Felt sorry for his students not being able to pull focus and then designed a solution that no student could afford.

Groundless April 10, 2014

Try pulling focus on a long lens wide open with a subject that does not hit their marks. In a professional shoot this would pay for itself in a weekend! You guys really should look at the full creative scope of what this system offers. No it is not for the low budget run and gun crew. Is for folks who have a budget ,with professional gear and want to do shots that are simply not humanly possible no matter how good your focus pulling super hero might be. This gentle man has transformed an aspect of film making but you just are too quick to judge or perhaps simply your comments are out of focus.

In a simple set up of a TV drama where you have five subjects interacting in a kitchen lets say. You can now simply nail focus from shot to shot…..with out rehearsal or having to hit any marks!
And this is only one small example. Lets say one of your subjects is a dog? It’s very easy to criticize innovation without having even handled the gear or thought much about what it can actual do.

Anyhow may all your shots stay in focus. On whatever budget you can afford. But at least allow some room for others to play with focus in a completely new dynamic method. By the way this was built for use by focus pullers as well. cheers!

Michael G April 15, 2014

Well said!

Practical Ulitairian April 12, 2014

Groundless is correct. Sure this isn’t a perfect fit for the indie shooter right now (I think we forget sometimes that they are NOT the entire market… just the fastest growing part)but this company deserves kudos for solving a problem that filmmakers of all levels face everyday. If I’ve got a production that involves a lot of focus racking… then renting this system would certainly be something I’d consider. And I’m sure this technology will come down in price in time…

Groundless April 13, 2014

Thank you for your agreement! You are right that this is a 1.o implementation. I think there are so many scalable functions for this. You are adding a Z axis to focus. This is revolutionary in it’s seeming simplicity. Also the more you look into this system the more dynamic its possibilities are.
It will be interesting to see where Andra is next year. I have a feeling this is only the beginning. If they stay ‘focused’ on delivering a well thought out and user friendly focus pulling system they will go down in film history for solving the most simple and difficult problem…keeping focus where and when you want it!

Ryan April 15, 2014

Wow out of the gates the haterade was flowin! Those first comments were interesting to say the least. I’m indie but even I know the whole world doesn’t revolve around me. I’m annoyed by solutions that make things easier that weren’t hard to begin with but this is far from it. The possibilities from a product like this make the future of filmmaking look bright indeed. Even if I could never afford one myself.
My experience was that it seemed so natural and seamless. Someone standing next to me there listening to the schpiel said it was like looking through someone’s eyes. Which after some thought was pretty accurate.
I hate the phrase “game changer” but this is something that could really elevate the art of filmmaking in new and exciting ways.