Philip Bloom, and Ryan Koo & Joe Marine from NoFilmSchool – ON THE COUCH Ep. 2

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In our second episode of ON THE COUCH, I had our good friends Philip Bloom plus Ryan Koo and Joe Marine from NoFilmSchool on the show.

Obviously, we talked for 45 minutes about the big news at NAB 2014: New cameras from many new manufacturers, including Sony with the A7s 4K mirrorless compact camera, Blackmagic Design with their URSA and Studio Cameras, AJA with their CION camera, JVC with their new Super35mm camera offerings and Panasonic with the Varicam 35. Part of our camera talk was Blackmagic’s decision to announce even more cameras before they were able to ship many of the existing Blackmagic 4k orders, or upgrade their existing cameras with essential firmware upgrades that would enable them to format cards within the camera, for example – all of which upset a lot of owners, quite understandably.


We also talked about Philip’s recent love affair with DJI drones, the lack of new big products from RED, the overall trend of the moving camera (including MoVi and all copycats) and the fact that 4K seems to be around to stay (as opposed to 3D which turned out to be a fad).

Check it out and feel free to join the discussion below!!

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Myles April 8, 2014

‘Lost count at 5’ – love the fact that Philip picked up on that.

Philippe April 8, 2014

too much noise reduction on audio for my taste ;) but very interesting interview :)

dylan April 8, 2014

I agree about the audio noise reduction. Really hard to listen to.

gerry April 8, 2014

I’d pass on this. Bloom has some interesting things to say but the other two are bloggers with no real production experience.

Myles April 9, 2014

One of them (in the middle) seems to have some production experience – has his own Scarlet, was talking about shooting. They started off talking about trends but covered a few other practical challenges later on.

Miguel Queiroz April 8, 2014

Quite frankly I think we’re reaching a problematic marketing plateau. To survive (or indeed keep absurd profit) the major camera makers are presented with a dilema: They need to sell more and faster than buyers need to buy. This leads to ridiculous situations like we’ve witnessed with BMD. Announcing and accepting pre-orders before they could even deliver previous pre-orders is commercial hysteria gone berserk!

Customers won’t take long to understand that the only reliable companies are those who upgrade at the same pace that a) the market needs b) they can deliver.

Something is terribly wrong when what drives production is the need to keep paced with competing brands, rather than keeping paced with market needs quality assurance.

Marshall Jeske April 8, 2014

Hey, love the interview style coverage. It would be great if you guys could post an mp3 download with the episodes so I can take it on the go with me.

Tyler April 8, 2014

It’s funny when you just scan through, Bloom is the only one that seems to be talking. haha! love that guy

Nick April 9, 2014

Philip comes across as such a dick. Talking over people and and always the smart arse. Totally full of himself. Someone should remind him. He’s not Scorcese. He reviews cameras on the internet.