cinema5D News Team – ON THE COUCH Ep. 1

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This is the premiere episode of ON THE COUCH, with the cinema5D news team that will be roaming the show floor – Sebastian Wöber and Tim Fok, Katharina Dietl on the live edit and me moderating.

In this episode, we are talking about what to expect from NAB 2014 that is set to start in only a few hours. Due to all the pre-announcements, we can already see that there is a lot happing with regards to 4K cameras again, and we are talking about the relevance of all of that and where the industry seems to be added. We also deal with Gimbal stabilizers and where we are one year after the MoVi was announced.

We also talk about our pdatepcoming shows that will be recorded over the next four days – who we will talk to and what it will all about. In case you missed the initial post with the show schedule, click here to see the full list of people and companies coming to our show. Feel free to add questions you might have in the comments or in our forum.

See you tomorrow again after in the show with my dear friend Philip Bloom and Ryan Koo and Joe Marine from NoFilmSchool, talking about what excites us at this year’s NAB!

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