G-Technology – ON THE COUCH Ep. 8

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In a new episode of our talk format ON THE COUCH, Greg Crosby from G-Technology gives us a run-down of their new storage products targeted specifically to the increasing storage needs of professional filmmakers and creatives.

Their new Studio series was designed with the new Mac Pro in mind, both in looks and functionality: it supports Thunderbolt 2, uses server-grade 7200 3.5″ HDDs in a 2-bay (G-Raid Studio) and a 4-bay (G-Speed Studio) version with up to a whopping 24TB. The G-Raid Studio supports RAID-0, RAID-1 and JBOD, while the G-Speed Studio is a hardware RAID that supports RAID-0, -1, -5, -6 and -10 configurations. The Helium technology allows individual hard drives to store up to an amazing 6TB now.

Greg also talks about the their new SSD version of the G-Drive ev, made for the versatile G-Dock, which is a very convenient Thunderbolt solution with swappable hard drives that can be used individually via USB-3. This has become my go-to on-set no-brainer storage workflow solution and it’s perfect when the editor works with a G-Dock as well.

We chatted about the increasing needs for storage with 4K and RAW footage taking over the filmmaking world, and what that means for on-set backup strategies.

G-Speed Studio, with the top opened to remove the individual drives.

G-Speed Studio, with the top opened to remove the individual drives.


While cinema5D is not sponsored by G-Technology, I personally am one of their brand ambassadors and occassionally speak on their behalf about my work and how I use their products in my workflows. 

Greg Crosby from G-Technology

Greg Crosby from G-Technology

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