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Our lead sponsor for ON THE COUCH is B&H – a camera and accessories retailer everyone knows, in fact the largest in the United States. In this special episode, I talked to Gabriel Biderman from the marketing department of B&H, to hear about his impressions from this year’s NAB and the big trends that they notice (and which they have a lot more insight in as they know what sells best). Be it 4K, octocopter drones or camera movement – Gabriel knows exactly what their customers like.


B&H has a huge superstore in New York (covering an entire street block!), where customers can try out all kinds of professional photo, video and audio equipment in person before they buy – and their orders ship from either there or their warehouse in Brooklyn – Gabriel talks about how it feels like “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” for gear geeks like all of us …

We also talked about the history of B&H, how a family-owned business became the largest player in a world of corporations – and how they still manage to hold up their values in this crazy day and age.

Again HUGE thanks from the entire team at cinema5D to B&H for their continued support in all our efforts with this site and with our ON THE COUCH talk show in particular. Without them this coverage would truly not have been possible – they supplied all the equipment used for the taping, editing and recording of this show.

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