Canon and Sony – ON THE COUCH Ep. 4 part 2 of 2

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In the second part of our 4th episode of ON THE COUCH, we have representatives from the two largest camera manufacturers in front of our cameras – Peter Yabsley from Canon and Fabien Pisano from Sony.


In a very friendly discussion between two big competitors, we talk about new cinematography related products that Canon and Sony have to offer. The little 4K wonder Sony A7S is a topic, and so are upgrades for the F5 and F55 line which provide additional functions like ProRes recording. On the Canon side of things we talk firmware updates for the C100 / C300 and the new continuous AF that’s now possible after the upgrade. We talk about the 17-120mm servo lens for S35mm cameras that Canon announced at NAB. The relevance of large sensor cameras compared to small sensor cameras and the different use cases are also topics, as well as new offerings by the two manufacturers in the small sensor arena.

The most insightful part of our talk is about industry trends and where everything is moving – with 4K being widely adopted from manufacturers and cameras getting smaller and more versatile, we talk about new markets for the two Japanese giants that would have been unthinkable only a decade ago.

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pedro April 10, 2014

I can´t believe it, that Canon does not move to upgrade their EOS series with up-to-date cams like other have already.
Missing key-features: Dual-pixel on a new 5D model, fast wifi with video control in DSLR, much higher framerates, sharp video-images like in a GH3/4 and many more. I am a Canon fan but the 1DC, 5D and C300 need to be hardware-upgraded. Still no slomo on C300 even with this massive body – shame on you Canon!

Kjetil Kaasa Reply
Kjetil Kaasa April 11, 2014

could not agree more.

K April 11, 2014

Exactly. I still hope they will announce something after…
Before NAB I was decided for C100, but after seeing all the competition new cameras, all those new features, 4K etc. this looks now very, very poor… I think I will go for something else.

K April 11, 2014

Pedro, I also cannot believe it. For the last 3 days I was following literally every moment of NAB for something from Canon, till the very last moment and… nothing. Huge disappointment, but still hoping.

ger April 11, 2014

All of you were hoping to see new camera from Canon, right? And because no any update you won’t shoot anything during 2014, cause there’s no new cameras from Canon at NAB? Or there’s no enough cameras on the market and you are waiting for some kind of panacea of the cameras, something like camera with every feature on the earth for 4000-5000 bucks to suffice your needs? How pathetic! Dudes, let you work to speak, not your camera! Pop up for a job with your 4k DSLR rig, like GH4k or any new 4k Canon DSLR against somebody with Canon c300/Sony f5, and guess who gets the job?

K April 11, 2014

No necessarily new cameras but at least some essential features updates in existing ones. Like for example true 60 frames in 1080p, internal 422 in C100, 2K etc. Someone that is just before his purchase of a camera want to invest his money in gear that will last a little bit longer. Watching what competition is doing you can have more for less.

Clayton Moore Reply
Clayton Moore April 11, 2014

I think Canon is beginning to pay more attention to the competition. I think they know (at least now) full well what the market is doing. These two cameras XF200 and 205, represent an important market trend which is, smaller, more compact and feature rich. Thats for video cameras.

What of their DSLRs? Until now they have elected to save features we all want in their EOS C line only. Panasonic with their GH4 keep pumping more features into that small compact form factor. The interesting part is that if Canon did to their 70D what Panasonic did to the GH4, it would be HUGE, then again they would compromise their high end cinema market.
….and might even anger their cinema clients in the process. In the DSLR / LSS camera market, Canon has kinda sorta backed themselves into a corner.

Jack April 11, 2014

Lots of respect for you, Nino, and cinema5d… But, I was really hoping you’d ask some of the hard questions to canon. (The questions we are all wondering). Where are the higher frame rates? Where are the affordable 4k options? Like others have said, it seems that they have their back against a wall. They can’t devalue their cinema EOS line by coming out with a beefed up 5d with high frame rates and 4k. So what do they do? Talk about glass? Fine, they make some fantastic lenses but they need to figure out what is next for their mid-high end dslr/ EOS users.. As a c100 user, at lthe very least give us (and c300), 60p full HD?!?!?

Nino Leitner Reply
Nino Leitner April 12, 2014

Jack, I know where you are going with this, and I agree (to a degree). But there is no point in posing these questions to a poor marketing guy like Peter – he wouldn’t know and if he did, he could never give us the answer. Because that’s how these Japanese corporations operate. I’m rather going for a discussion like this were experienced representatives of manufacturers talk about where trends are leading.

Luca April 11, 2014

As a C100 user I’m very disappointed. Hope Canon will offer an update plan for the cinema eos lineup or at least a way to get back my C100 and have a discount on future products! I’m worried about my 5k investment!

Tim Fok Reply
Tim April 12, 2014

I’m curious, As a C100 user what are you disappointed about?

Stu April 12, 2014

Sorry but you have written “firmware updates for the C100 / C300”. The only thing they discussed was a HARDWARE update (the sensor) and not a firmware update. Please correct your post?

Nino Leitner Reply
Nino Leitner April 12, 2014

I think you got that wrong – the dual pixel AF upgrade is a paid firmware upgrade! The functionality is already built into the cameras from the hardware side.

Andre April 12, 2014

Hi Nino,

you were great…on the couch! Sounds weird to say that to a guy! lol


Clayton Moore Reply
Clayton Moore April 13, 2014

Nino is right marketing people cannot and will not telegraph things in away that might hurt their roadmap. This is a risky business and the sakes are very high. Canon made their choice. Although they have alluded to more at the Rebel and 5D lines, the fact that their new “filmmaker” product was a $30,000 lens should tell you where their commitment is. Id expect to see new things in their C line but I can’t see how they could possibly give customers (as an example) a Canon camera with GH4 features at GH4 prices. All they can do is try and put more value into their already existing cinema line to justify premium prices.

Good luck with that……..