Musicbed & Filmsupply: The Marriage of Music and Video – with CEO Daniel McCarthy – ON THE GO – Episode 57

In this last part of our chat with Musicbed CEO Daniel McCarthy, we talk about Filmsupply, the stock video arm of the Musicbed brand.


After having been well-received by users for the first five years, the next logical step for Musicbed was to expand from music into the stock video market. Following Musicbed’s same philosophy of cherry-picking highly-curated cinematic content from only the best creators, Filmsupply set out to break the preconception of cheesy and overused stock video. Daniel tells us how they approached the first filmmakers to contribute to Filmsupply, and how to brand has continued to grow in recent years.

The success of both of these platforms could be due to their very clear mission of empowering the artist, be it a musician or a filmmaker. By compensating the creators of their stock catalogue with a very fair percentage that’s uncommon in this industry not only does the company perpetuate the mutual relationship between musicians and filmmakers, but contributes to the development of creative careers to continue innovating in their respective genres.

Of course, being able to pay contributors a fair share means the price is a little bit higher for the end user. We discuss further how this model compares to the more affordable subscription-based platforms for stock content.

A very enlightening look into the world of stock content!

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