Musicbed CEO Daniel McCarthy on the Next Generation of Filmmakers – ON THE GO – Episode 56

As we continue our chat with Musicbed CEO Daniel McCarthy, we discuss the selection process for Musicbed artists, as well as the importance of catering to the new generation of filmmakers.

The first thought that may come to your head when thinking about stock music is the kind of project that simply doesn’t have the budget to hire a composer. However, money is not always the main limitation — sometimes the deciding factor may actually be time. We discuss the importance of of providing a quality product regardless of the kind of project.

We also touch on the subject of how Musicbed selects the artists it works with. Although there still is an element of receiving large amounts of artist submissions, Musicbed has since moved on to actively reaching out to artists that may actually go on to become highly successful outside of the stock music sphere, working much like a music label.

But who are the people using the tracks in the Musicbed catalogue? Daniel explains the split between its customer base of indie filmmakers and other uses. He also highlights the importance of establishing a good connection with the younger generation of filmmakers — after all, “The 22 year-old kid that’s getting a DSLR for the first time right now is going to be shooting Nike spots in a decade”. Good point!

Musicbed will be holding its first conference at the end of September in Texas, with guest Keynote speakers of the caliber of Shane Hurlbut ASC, or National Geographic Creative Director Andy Baker. Daniel gives us all the details, including pricing, early bird ticket prices and more.

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