Motion9 Shogun Cage – Versatile Cage for the Atomos Shogun – NAB 2015

Motion9 are showing off their new “Cube Shogun” a versatile cage for the Atomos Shogun that protects and enhances the disk recorder’s outer shell.


Motion9 is a company we’ve been following that has so far been distributing within Korea. Only this year they started entering the international market with a few very interesting products, one of them being a great cage for the Sony Alpha a7S.

At NAB 2015 motion 9 showed us their prototype of the motion9 Shogun Cage which offers protection for all the out- and inputs on the device. This is especially good for those people who want to protect some of the ports, like the power connector that some people have reported can become loose.

Furthermore the cage offers director’s handles and an optional battery solution for increased running time.

With the release of the GH4 firmware update that will soon offer Vlog anamorphic and the Shogun’s support for a wide range of new cameras like Arri, AJA, Canon and Sony for RAW, this might be a product that many are looking forward to.

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