“Minute review”- Shape Canon EOS 1DC cage Kirk Neff Edition

Shape is a small canadian company  who’s VDSLR accessories I tend to use often.
Their products are high-quality, reliable, built well but tend to be a bit heavy.

The Canon 1DC cage is no exception.
It’s robust, has a lot of accessory attachment holes and I like the 360 degree push button adjustable top handle.

Unfortunately I can’t sugar-coat everything about it.
The biggest drawback of this cage?
It’s a great one until you run out of battery, then you’ll face a problem. There is no way to replace the battery while the camera is attached to the cage.

The only solution I found is to swivel the camera a bit to the left and then take it out, which then leads to the second obstacle: Swivelling will loosen the screw and the access to tighten it up again is almost impossible to obtain while being on the run. it’s a very lengthy, time-consuming process.

Hopefully a future similar product will be improved.

Music: The music bed, Beautiful Day – Instrumental by Joshua Radin