“Minute review”-Kinotehnik LCDVF BM

The new Kinotehnik viewfinder for the Blackmagic pocket cinema camera is almost here.  It’s called “LCDVF BM” and it’s designed to fit with BMPCC’s 3.5 inch LCD with 16/9 aspect ratio. This viewfinder is slightly bigger than the other models in Kinotehnik’s arsenal but it still has the classic mounting system with magnets inside of the plastic body attaching to the carbon steel mounting frame. The “LCDVF BM” will also have a diopter correction option as it comes with metal thread that takes in optional 37mm diopter adjustment lenses.
The optional diopter kit is sold separately and can be purchased here . It includes standard 37mm +1; +2; +4 close up lenses.
This new LCDVF BM will be available from November 1st.
The retail price will be same as it is for the “LCDVF 3C” and “LCDVF 4N” viewfinders and it will be widely available all over the world.

Please note. The unit presented in this video is a prototype. The physical shape of it is final but the materials and surface treatment are not right. The final product has impact resistant ABS plastic body and the eye-piece is made from skin friendly silicone rubber. Kinotehnik is also using achromatic doublet lenses to achieve un-compromised image quality. In other words the new “LCDVF BM” will be a solid and durable product as all of their viewfinders.

Music: The music bed, Beautiful Day – Instrumental by Joshua Radin