Minute Review – Edelkrone QuickRelease ONE

Edelkrone likes to think out of the box and here is avery clever quick release system you can use with all your tripods and accessories. The QuickRelease ONE goes with small sized camera setups and attaches to any 1/4″ 20 thread in seconds.

Edelkrone QuickRelease ONE_2

In my quick minute review I’m taking a look at the device. After a bit of testing it turned out the QuickRelease ONE didn’t always work with some of the baseplates we used. Basically when the 1/4″ screw you are trying to attach it to is not straight (or you are not attaching the QuickRelease ONE straight), then the QuickRelease ONE will not fit. This happened more than once.

Also I found it is not ideal when using it with gimbal stabilisers or bigger camera setups.

When you only have tripod plates where the 1/4″ screws sticks out straight and when you’re mainly using your camera merely with a lens on it, then this device might be perfect for you and save a lot of the hassle when working with multiple accessories.

The QuickRelease ONE is available at edelkrone now.