Minute Review – Cineroid LM400 LED Light

For the last few months I’ve been using the Cineroid LM400 as my main documentary light and found it was a marvellous little LED solution. Check out our minute review on the Cineroid LM400.

Following my own “rule” that “what doesn’t fit my bag stays behind”, I was searching for a small yet powerful replacement for my traditional 1×1 LED light. The Cineroid LM400 proved to be perfect. It is powerful, has a CRI of 92 and is very easy to pack. In fact, if you have 3 of those, you can travel light knowing most if not all your documentary lighting requirements will be fulfilled.

The LM400 light kit comes with: Barndoors, yoke mount, diffusion filter, carry case,  AC adapter and power cord. You can also separately purchase a V or Gold mount adapter to power that LED light.

The main strengths of the Cineroid LM400 light:

  • Extremely compact yet powerful
  • Built-In 30-Step Dimmer
  • 120° Beam Angle
  • Variable colour temperature
  • DMX Compatible
  • Durable metal body
  • 4 x 1/4″-20 Mounting Holes
  • Can easily be defused

The weaknesses:

  • Buttons are a bit flimsy
  • The readout windows are on top making difficult to control
  • The Yoke is easy to bend and “lock position” is not “locked” (Cineroid informed me that they revised the yoke and it is now thicker and harder to bend).
  • Diffuser can be at times hard to install.

Cineroid LM400

All in all it is an excellent light that comes at a price. If you can justify purchasing it, go for it.
Highly recommended.

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 Cineroid Cineroid Reply
Cineroid Cineroid October 26, 2015

LM400-VCeS full set price is 799 USD officially.

 Kyle Gentz Reply
Kyle Gentz October 29, 2015

This is one of the best reviews. Quick and to the point.

Anonymous December 25, 2015

Expensive and less light output than Switronix 220. 1700 lux VW 2400. Switronix also is far more compact. You can buy about three of them for on of these

Johnnie Behiri December 27, 2015

Hi Evan.

There will always be the “stronger output, less expensive” devise out there…

I’m not sure the Switronix 220 is the equivalent to the Cineroid as it is more like an on camera light, but as I did not use it, I won’t compare.