Meet Freefly ALTA – The Next Generation of Professional Aerial Cinematography – NAB 2015

Freefly ALTAFreefly, the inventors of the Movi Gimbal Stabilizer unveiled its new, highly professional drone, the Freefly ALTA.

Let’s face it. Drones are everywhere and in order to stay relevant and successfully compete in what’s becoming a very crowded market, you either need to be competitive price wise, or alternatively, come up with an inventive idea. That’s exactly what the Seattle-based company has done with their Freefly ALTA drone.

You can place your camera and gimbal in the regular bottom mounted position, but now for the first time, your camera and gimbal can be placed above the rotors for a greater flexibility when shooting aerial videos.

Tabb from Freefly kept emphasizing the simplicity of installing and using the drone and you can judge it for yourself in this demo video Freefly has prepared.

The ALTA drone weight capacity maxes out at 15 LBS (6.8 KG), so it can easily accommodate the ARRI mini and RED Epic.

More details about this fine product can be found on the Freefly website.

Watch it on Vimeo

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