Matching Different Camera Looks – ON THE COUCH Ep. 26 – Philip Bloom & Dale Backus (SmallHD)

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In this new episode of ON THE COUCH, recorded in Las Vegas at the B&H booth of NAB 2015, I interviewed Philip Bloom and Dale Backus from SmallHD.

We talked about the camera announcements from Blackmagic Design, e.g. the URSA Mini (which still aren’t shipping, by the way) and many other topics.

Our talk quickly shifted to on-set monitoring and color grading and consistency. SmallHD announced the 502 and 501 5″ field monitors with 1080p resolution and SDI/HDMI (502 version) as well as many custom LUT functions that allow you to apply looks to your logarithmic images from your cameras.


In this day and age where cameras are so ubiquitous that most of us end up using various different cameras at the same time and sometimes on the same shoot, color consistency and matching the look of these cameras become essential. But it is notoriously hard matching cameras from various manufacturers unless you invest a lot of time in color grading or having a colorist on the job.

Philip and I are using FilmConvert to match camera looks easily – the plugin (and standalone version) feature looks packs for specific camera models, which have been analyzed by the FilmConvert team to make the look settings for those camera models as precise as possible. So for example, when mixing C300 and F5 footage in one timeline, you can select the camera model in FilmConvert settings, the LOG version or picture profile you used while shooting, and then select the film stock you want to mimic with FilmConvert. If everything is exposed similarly and with the same Kelvin settings (however those can be adjusted afterwards too), the footage will immediately look the same as FilmConvert irons out each particular camera’s quirks.

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Richard Lackey Reply
Richard Lackey August 23, 2015


Markus Lubenica Reply
Markus Lubenica August 23, 2015

Mr. Bl00M™ = Brute force SEO / affiliate marketing / Facebook Ranking System sales man in Person :P *puke*

Theo Kik Reply
Theo Kik August 23, 2015

Why did you go through the effort of making this comment? This sort of personal attack with such viciousness is truly uncalled for. Rule of thumb for you: if something is really not ok to say in someones face, don’t post it on the internet.

Nino Leitner Reply
Nino Leitner August 24, 2015

This is a really offensive comment but I’ll leave it as it is as it says much more about you than Philip. Think what you want but I know for a fact that he’s probably the hardest working man in our niche and if it wasn’t for him, the camera blogging / reviewing scene wouldn’t nearly as lively as it is today.

John Scoular August 27, 2015

Besides the last word; which part of the statement is untrue? If you cant handle how your audience feels abour your guest and trust me a lot of people echo those sentiments, then perhaps you should only do a subscription show and not offer it to the general public. I came to cinema 5d long before you showed up Nino, nothing against you but if you cant handle criticism maybe you shouldnt host a show. Lets not be naive shall we? Everyone on the couch is selling a product or a service to get further ahead in the business so they cam make more money. You guys aint curing cancer up there, saving the whales or stopping middle eastern christians from persecution. You are selling media products to consumers sponsored by media products which we who watch these shows purchase so they can stay in business and sponsor more of your shows.. If a consumer doesn’t like one of your sales people (guest) then perhaps you should rethink your business strategy, we certainly know Kessler did. Or do you not want us to mention that either?

Chuck Farley August 23, 2015

Sponsored by Rode but with truly shocking audio with feedback?!

Nino Leitner Reply
Nino Leitner August 24, 2015

I’m sorry about the audio but this has nothing to do with Rode – this was the first show we recorded at NAB and the B&H event team had problems getting rid of the feedback from the speakers, plus there was a lot of surrounding noise. I’ll try to enhance the audio and replace the upload.

Theo Kik Reply
Theo Kik August 23, 2015

The audio is truly appalling! Is it fixable in post?

Thank for the info though, really helpful.

Mad Mats Helgesson Reply
Mad Mats Helgesson August 23, 2015

Incompetent audio techs. These omni mics are useless for FOH unless right by the mouth. You have to adjust it in the neck and move the mic closer to the mouth for people with larger heads. And get the damn speakers farther from the people speaking. Or just use Voice Technologies VT800 instead.

Nino Leitner Reply
Nino Leitner August 24, 2015

You are right that audio was a big problem on this first show recording at NAB, unfortunately the speakers couldn’t be put further away because the booth was so small. But it will be better in the coming shows.

Chris Santucci Reply
Chris Santucci September 7, 2015

Why does everyone think they need DaVinci Resolve to perform grading? Symphony has full capability for basic grading as-is, as does all NLE software of note.

Al Vazquez September 25, 2015

Thank you in advance
@14:20 Phillip Bloom mentions the name of the company that bought the distribution rights for The Wonder List. I can’t understand the name.. Do you know?
Thank you.