Manfrotto Unveils New XPRO Monopod+ Range With Fluid Control

The new XPRO Monopod+ range of monopods from Manfrotto adds new fluid control and pan lock for greater control.

Manfrotto has announced a new family of monopods that combine new technologies in camera support. The XPRO Monopod+ will be available in both aluminum and carbon fibre, with carbon fibre models being considerably lighter.

The monopods also have a new fluid base system that smooths out the panning movement. From our test on the show floor this seems much smoother than the previous ball mounting on the monopod foot. This can also be locked for rigid support.

Manfrotto xpro monopods

The ‘Quick Power Lock’ clips have also been re-vamped to provide a more secure hold on the sections, and also reduce slipping when using heavier camera and lens combinations.

The Manfrotto XPRO Monopod+ family is available in a number of configurations, either without a head where the camera can be screwed directly onto the monopod with a spring loaded 1/4″ screw, or alternatively with a 2-way head  or fluid video heads attached using the 3/8″ screw.

You can purchase the monopods from October with prices ranging from 188 for the 3 stage aluminium monopod (no head), up to 296 for the 4 stage carbon fibre monopod.


cinema5D at Photokina 2016
Tilta Genustech Manfrotto Angelbird Blackmagic Design


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 Luca Acerbi Reply
Luca Acerbi September 23, 2016

Hope they will be better than the prevous line…. totally crap

Antoine vdS September 23, 2016

I had a fluid base manfrotto monopod a few years back and it was crap, it didn’t last long, too cheaply made for someone who work on an everyday basis.
But I think they imporved the quality of their product, I bought a manfrotto fluid head a year ago and it’s great, very happy of it. So for a 100$ I think it’s worth to try the new one. I’ll probably get one eventually.

Raul Rodriguez Ruiz Reply
Raul Rodriguez Ruiz September 24, 2016

Este es! miren Henry, Fernando

Fernando Jhonatan More Reply
Fernando Jhonatan More September 24, 2016


 Kenneth Chan Reply
Kenneth Chan September 24, 2016

I have one of the older Manfrotto monopods with the feet and fluid head and it’s been working great over the years. Every few months or so I’ll have to oil/lubricate it though as it doesn’t move as smooth as when it was new. I’ve seen other shooters with the more recent monopods (prior to this model) but the newer video heads have this stupid top/side locking mechanism rather than the forward/backward/click/lock way that all the previous video heads have used. I’m wondering how this head works.

For those of you who say they are crap, what other brands make good and sturdy monopods for video use?

A lot of us have been sticking with Manfrotto because they can take a lot of abuse and their plate and heads are pretty standard that we can interchange between tripods, monopods, sliders, gimbals, etc. But if there are other brands that do it better I’d like to check them out.

 Kalogeris George Reply
Kalogeris George September 24, 2016

Did they update also NeoTec monopod ?
You know, the one with the pistol mechanism to release all pods