Manfrotto Nitrotech N12 Fluid Video Head Introduced

Manfrotto introduced its new fluid video head at IBC 2017 in Amsterdam. The Manfrotto Nitrotech N12 features a very lightweight design and can take 4 to 12 kg of payload.

Earlier this year, we wrote about the Manfrotto Nitrotech N8, a compact fluid video head with a maximum payload of 8kg (17.64 lbs) with no minimum payload. The Italian company has now introduced a new model in the Nitrotech series.

The Manfrotto Nitrotech N12 can carry a payload from 4 to 12 kg (8.82 to 26.46 lbs), making it ideal for slightly heavier setups such as those involving small cinema cameras. That said, at only 2.27 kg (5 lbs) the N12 head itself is quite lightweight given its maximum payload. The head is 14.8 cm (5.82″) in height, and features the Nitrogen piston mechanism which guarantees precise and continuous counterbalance. It can be easily adjusted using the ergonomic knob. Furthermore, it sports a Variable Fluid Drag System, which provides smoother movement on both the pan and tilt axes.


The Nitrotech N12 features Manfrotto’s 3/8” anti-rotation Easy link connector to attach a wide array of accessories. The head offers a longer Side Lock sliding plate which enables the camera to click in from above, and is equipped with a metric ruler and back-lit levelling bubble for easy use in dim environments. The head’s 75mm Flat Base fits a range of supports, including sliders, jibs, etc.

The Manfrotto Nitrotech N12 Fluid Video Head completes the Nitrotech line and can be paired with a variety of Manfrotto tripods like the 536 single leg (for a total weight of head and tripod combo of 6.1 kg or 13.5 lbs), 545GB twin GS (6.3 kg or 14 lbs) and 545B twin MS (6.3 kg or 14 lbs).

Pricing and availability undertermined. We will update this post once we know more.

Will the Manfrotto Nitrotech N12 be your new fluid video head? Let us know in the comments below!