Closer Look at Manfrotto’s Innovative & Lightweight Tripod Head – Nitrotech N8

We wrote about the Manfrotto Nitrotech N8 Lightweight Tripod Head two weeks ago when they first presented this innovative design. The Nitrotech N8 was on display at NAB 2017, and we had a chance to take a closer look with product marketing manager Giuseppe Dilauro.

Manfrotto Nitrotech N8 Lightweight Tripod Head for Cinema Cameras

Manfrotto Nitrotech – A Lightweight Tripod Head for Cinema Cameras

At NAB 2017 we got to see the Manfrotto Nitrotech N8, which is currently the only model of the series. It supports a maximum payload of 8kg, but the special feature is that it can support lightweight cameras as well due to its innovative Nitrogen piston, making a dedicated lightweight tripod for your a7S obsolete. Now you have one lightweight design for all your cinema cameras (up to 8kg) in one package.

The idea is quite convincing as many people shoot both with heavy as well as lightweight cameras nowadays, but can rarely afford two dedicated tripods. The Manfrotto Nitrotech N8 is affordable and can fill this market niche. What more can you ask for?

If this lightweight tripod design is up to the challenges of a regular shooting day is yet to be seen in our upcoming review, but it was certainly a popular product at NAB 2017, attracting the looks of many of the visitors.

The Nitrotech N8 is available now and a version for heavier cameras is already in the works.

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Anthony Salerno

Let’s see how fluid it is with use. I find All Manfrotto tripod heads seem to skip after average use. Id like to take the Nitrotech for a few months of use to test it out before I’d recommend it. The display unit in the show room floor isn’t good enough.

Johnnie Behiri

Hi Anthony.

Can I assume that you were at the show and played a bit with the tripod?

I’ve been working with this tripod/head for the last 2 months and one of its strengths is the head fluidity.

Thank you.


Tim Naylor

Johnny, Can you elaborate more on it’s overall performance? I’m skeptical due to past experience with all manfrotto heads in that the pan and tilt motion is not smooth and has too much backlash. If this 3 Pod addresses that it’s a winner. If not, nitro tech means little. Could you draw comparisons to say, O’Connor, Miller or Sachtler in terms of precise and smooth movement? I know given the price it’s an unfair comparison but for professional use, these are the standards I use on a daily basis. The only budget 3 pods I’ve tested that have a comparable… Read more »

Johnnie Behiri

Hi Tim. The Nitro is priced well and I’m currently trying to work with it as much as I can for my up coming review so please stay tune. Personally I would have liked to see less emphasize on design and more on functionality (the head tilt lock is a good example), but I’m yet to give my final verdict soon(ish). For the last 2 years I’ve been successfully using the combination of the RRS TVC-34 Versa Series 3 and Really Right Stuff FH-350 Fluid Head as my main traveling combo and although insanely expensive, I’m very happy with its… Read more »

Vitus Soska

Does anybody else also seeing the head of a transformer?

Onkel Ben

Yes! 😊

Tom Reinbolden

Yes there he is.

Fred Rampart

got one today … let´s see how he is doing ..

Svend Even Hærra

Looks like you’d get trouble with dust inside the tripod, right or wrong?

Brian Tam

Guys, Any compact head recommend ? Thz

Johnnie Behiri

Hi Brian. Sorry for the late response.

I’m using the Really Right Stuff FH-350 Fluid Head. It is insanely expensive but I’m very happy with its performance.




Hey Johnnie, hi! Did you do your review on the nitrotech? Or could you share here some detail and opinions? Hope to hear from you.

Johnnie Behiri

Hi Enrico.

Not yet as I wanted Manfrotto to supply us with a Nitrotech replacement head first to make sure I’m reviewing their latest batch.

Thank you!