Manfrotto Digital Director – DSRL Remote & Monitor via iPad – NAB 2015

At NAB this week Manfrotto announced the Digital Director, a real-time monitoring solution for Canon and Nikon DSLR’s. Digital Director connects to the DSLR’s USB port and sends a live signal to an iPad running the Digital Director app.

But it’s more than just a monitoring solution. Users can interact with the camera and remotely change parameters. There are two main modes: Photo and Video. All camera settings can be adjusted, including ISO, aperture, shutter speed, and focus. The Interactive Focus feature allows a focus point can be set simply by touching the screen, and a digital zoom feature ensures it’s set accurately. The controls also include a histogram and audio meters, and they can be moved anywhere on the screen. Photos can be edited on in the app and then uploaded from the iPad’s camera roll.


Digital Director includes an Apple-certified iPad holder. It will be compatible with the iPad and iPad Air 2, and later on with the iPad mini as well. It will be available in June for $499.


  • Modes: Photo & Video
  • Controls: ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed, Focus, Histogram, & Audio Meters
  • Includes iPad Holder
  • Compatibility: iPad Air and Air 2 at release, iPad mini coming later
  • 10 meter USB cable
  • Power: Included AC adapter or 4 AA batteries


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Steffan Schulz Reply
Steffan Schulz April 16, 2015

Droid version?

Manfrotto_US Reply
Manfrotto_US April 20, 2015

Sorry, the Digital Director is only available compatible with the iPad Air 1, iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini.

Bankim Jain Reply
Bankim Jain April 16, 2015

They were smart enough to not divulge the display lag … Greer … Now with BMD VideoAssist why would any user waste/spend 500$ for this product ?

Patrick Murray Reply
Patrick Murray April 17, 2015

The BMD video assist looks nice. Then it occurred to me I was wanting to pay them $500 more because the monitor on the BMPC4K is like a mirror. I like where they’re going, but part of me feels a little slighted.

Karim Sahli Reply
Karim Sahli April 16, 2015

There must be a typo somewhere.
$50, yes.
$500? Well, f#ck you.

Walid Hwayik Reply
Walid Hwayik April 16, 2015

Did I get it right?! 500$ for a software? Can anybody correct me plz!

Johnnie Behiri April 17, 2015

Software+ the metal holder/Apple certified chip which connect the Ipad to the camera.



Pavzo April 17, 2015

Personally, this is a joke. A Nexus7/Lolipop/+DSLR Controller+Tablet Stabiliser+DIY hood+two cables+some customisations = final price of 180GBP?!?! If I was living in the USA – less than 180USD. C’mon Manfrotto, get over it. You’re maybe a good tripod player, but this?!? Naaah.

PS What about the video lag? Comments?

Manfrotto_US Reply
Manfrotto_US April 20, 2015

Since the Digital Director is tethered, it is 3 times faster than WiFi devices. There is very little lag when shooting video and you get a great Retina display live view. Also, you can control the camera parameters while shooting.

Vedran Papeš Reply
Vedran Papeš April 17, 2015

I can do this with my CASE Remote for just $100…

Edin Gacic Reply
Edin Gacic April 17, 2015

too expensive

Daniele Pianciola Reply
Daniele Pianciola April 18, 2015

@ Steffan Schulz
Why would anybody ask for an Adroid version? On Android we got DSLR Controller app since ages ago. Works perfectly with a $3 usb cable to connect Canon Eos cameras with any Android tablet or phone, allowing total remote control of ALL functions in rt (almost zero lag), even rack focusing afaik. Controls EVERYTING with a fingertip. Costs some 9 usd, not 5 hundred, LOL!

Manfrotto_US Reply
Manfrotto_US April 20, 2015

The Digital Director is more than a remote; it is an Apple Certified interface that allows you to operate your entire workflow on an iPad from setup to sharing. You can set all of your camera parameters, use the live view touch screen to focus, capture images then check and edit them. Also, share your images via social media, email and FTP sites. More features to come!

Daniele Pianciola Reply
Daniele Pianciola April 21, 2015

That’s exactly what DSRL Controller app allows everybody to do on an Android device, any Android device, from smartphones to tablets of any make. All for a tiny 8 odd USD. My advice: leave you ipad at home, go get an Asus tablet and get going for as low as 110 bucks. My two cents.

Richie Anker Reply
Richie Anker April 29, 2015

Why no android ??

Josh May 1, 2015

does the camera need to be in live view mode for Digital Director to work?

Manfrotto_US Reply
Manfrotto_US May 1, 2015

Hi Josh, the camera does not need to be in live view mode for Digital Director to work, and will work with it on or off.

Josh Katz May 1, 2015

great, thank you.

Christian Peirson Reply
Christian Peirson May 16, 2015

will this app work for the panasonic gh4

Manfrotto_US Reply
Manfrotto_US May 18, 2015

Sorry Christian, at this time the Digital Director is only compatible with Canon and Nikon DSLRs.

 Bujar Gashi Reply
Bujar Gashi January 31, 2016

Can i find any of this which works with i pad mini ?

 Adrian Martinez Reply
Adrian Martinez May 26, 2016

compatible con nikon d5200 please?