Why You Should Look Into the New Zeiss Milvus Lens Lineup

Christoph Casanave gave us an in-depth look at their newest lenses – The Zeiss Milvus Line. How do they differentiate from the previous ZE lens line? Why should you look into getting this new set?

Zeiss Milvus 21mmZeiss introduced their newest lens line-up – the Zeiss Milvus – just a few days ago. Basically they have a new coating, which reduces flare, and feature a de-clicked aperture ring. Casanave went into great detail about their newest addition to the Zeiss family, so check out the video if you’re interested in these lenses.

The Zeiss Milvus come in Canon EF and Nikon F mount. The focal range they cover goes from 21mm – 85mm. They also introduced two macro-lenses, which are the fastest macro lenses on the market: The Milvus 50mm F/2M and Milvus 100mm F/2M.

The pricing will range from the 35mm F/2 for $1.117 up to the 85mm F/1.4 for $1.799.

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Juanky Álvarez Reply
Juanky Álvarez September 14, 2015

I believe this is more than obvious but, the manual de-click aperture feature is only for the Nikon-F mount, right?

Sergey Surin Reply
Sergey Surin September 15, 2015

Yeah …. And it is disappointing me…

Einar Davíðsson September 16, 2015

But an adaptor is no big deal, since these are fully manual lenses. For a little more, Duclos lenses will also swap out the mounts for you (and give you a notched focus gear).

Nicholas Lam September 15, 2015

IMO the most VERSATILE lenses are those that are native to E-Mount due to their light weight nature. The Batis so far are the best from my user experience.

I no longer see a need to step outside the E-Mount camera system.

All of my shoots are now 100% Sony Cameras.

Martin Bleazard Reply
Martin Bleazard September 21, 2015

What kind of focus throw are we getting with these? Same as the ZF.2s? or is it more consistent across the line?