A Look at Canon’s Crazy 8K Camera Prototype

Canon is displaying their prototype of 8K camera at Photokina 2016. This crazy setup shows a complete working 8K solution from start to finish.

Canon 8K Camera Protoype

The Canon 8K Cinema EOS camera presented here is part of Canon’s complete demonstration of their vision of an 8K future. The camera is hooked up to a prototype 10″ 4K on-camera display and an 8K monitor as well as an 8K printing solution for stills.

The camera body of this 8K prototype is actually a slightly modified C300 mark II body with an 8K super35mm sensor developed by Canon. It is connected to a prototype debayering box that distributes 4K signals to 4 Convergent Design Odyssey recorders for high quality recording.

Canon 8K Camera Prototype at Photokina 2016

Canon 8K Camera Prototype at Photokina 2016

Compared to the RED Helium solution, Canon’s current setup is huge and will most definitely not look like that as a final product. As cameras get smaller and smaller, we might see all that technology packed into a camera body similar in size to the Canon C300 or recent Canon C700 we talked about during IBC. At this moment, the Canon 8K camera prototype has no internal recording.

The current recording format is 8K RAW 60fps. This results in over 10TB of data for every hour of footage. Surely this is not the end of development, but rather the beginning of what lies ahead in the 8K area for Canon cameras. Like many other companies, they have recently been focusing on providing solutions instead of products, and we’re curious to see where exactly will Canon be taking this technology 4 years down the road.

Do we need 8K? Certainly not (yet). But as technology progresses further and we see storage and speeds of systems increase by the month, we might see a working 8K workflow in the not too distant future that can certainly open up greater possibilities in post production, flexibility in live boradcast and more, even though as an end format we might not need that 8K too soon. Companies are certainly pushing in that direction. The question is: will they convince us to go along?

cinema5D at Photokina 2016
Tilta Genustech Manfrotto Angelbird Blackmagic Design


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Pedro Hofmann Reply
Pedro Hofmann September 22, 2016

I would prefer the form factor from RED ;-)

Nebojsa Jokic Reply
Nebojsa Jokic September 22, 2016

Perfect for my slider 😜

Sigurd Eliassen Reply
Sigurd Eliassen September 23, 2016

Made me laugh! 😀

Chris Allen Reply
Chris Allen September 22, 2016

Jeez they can barely get 4K into their cameras and now they worried about 8k #headintheclouds

James Manson September 28, 2016

Am I missing something? No problems for me shooting 4K with the brilliant C300MKII over the past 12 months. Easy, easy capture internally on CFFast cards, Canon codec is incredible in post. I am so glad Canon were barely able to get 4K into this awesome camera. 4K is so efficient and simple with this camera and of course the footage has that beautiful Canon look..

Gert Kracht Reply
Gert Kracht September 22, 2016

Not so portable

Jason Fisher-Jones September 22, 2016

Do we need 8k? Not until the human eye gets an upgrade.

Louis Wong Reply
Louis Wong September 22, 2016

Really puts the Red Helium 8K in perspective.

Drew Geraci Reply
Drew Geraci September 22, 2016

Looks super ergonomical!

Markus Lubenica September 22, 2016

So? But it’s still a Canon™ :P, doesn’t matter how much affiliate makreting /SEO /SEM /SEA you promote every time as casted PR-agents for the industry for your own benefit :P

Dan Valicek Reply
Dan Valicek September 22, 2016

The Canon lense in 13.5″ and weighs 13 lb. Now let’s take a closer look at the camera… 👻

Nathan Lee Bush September 22, 2016

Why are they showing such a clunky concept when RED already has a working solution on the market in a reasonable form factor?

Bill Klemm Reply
Bill Klemm September 22, 2016

All those big cables look familiar….

Rafael Molina Reply
Rafael Molina September 22, 2016

Try harder Canon. xD

Eduardo Olmos Reply
Eduardo Olmos September 22, 2016

only for the modest price of 100k
it can shoot up to 30 fps @ 4k and some mind whooping 60fps @ 1080p!

Gene Nemetz Reply
Gene Nemetz September 23, 2016

Easy to hold on your shoulder too.

Eduardo Olmos Reply
Eduardo Olmos September 23, 2016

Ergonomic power at your shoulder

Bill Feduska Reply
Bill Feduska September 22, 2016

I think I would have left this beast at home until you can get the size down to a RED 8k… if possible….

Rob First Reply
Rob First September 22, 2016


Joshua Valdez Reply
Joshua Valdez September 22, 2016

Guys where’s the record button? I can’t find it.

Luke Adam Rodgers Reply
Luke Adam Rodgers September 22, 2016

So basically in X number of years they’ll be able to have a camera that doesn’t record 8K internally. Which would be impressive if Red didn’t already have the Helium out which can record 8k internally without a circus procession of recorders.

Andrew Millist Reply
Andrew Millist September 22, 2016

Does it come with an exoskeleton to shoulder mount it with?

Moritz Holzinger Reply
Moritz Holzinger September 22, 2016

The Red Helium can do it internally😂

Mick Jones Reply
Mick Jones September 22, 2016

What an embarrassment. I don’t really understand why they would even show that monstrosity publically.

Jonathan Murphy Reply
Jonathan Murphy September 22, 2016

That’s embarrassing

Dános Eber Dick Reply
Dános Eber Dick September 22, 2016

Is Canon coming back? Or again a Flop?

Gene Nemetz Reply
Gene Nemetz September 24, 2016

They’re doing great with still photography. But continuing to fall behind in video.

James Manson September 28, 2016

No, they are not. Have you actually used a Canon recently?

Adam Finmann September 22, 2016

Does this mean existing Canon Cine glass will work on future 8K sensors?

Jack Yeung Reply
Jack Yeung September 23, 2016

Does it crop? Is it JPEG still?

Gene Nemetz Reply
Gene Nemetz September 23, 2016

I think it uses film, and powder flash.

trent blackmore September 23, 2016

let’s just look at the positives, that tripod is doing an epic job “claps”

Gene Nemetz Reply
Gene Nemetz September 23, 2016

Um, is it 1920, something built by Charlie Chaplin in Modern Times? That thing’s an embarrassment.

 Beebee Lestr Reply
Beebee Lestr September 23, 2016

It’s interesting how they build their prototypes before they work on miniaturisation.

But Canon – if you want to take the market by storm you should make a ‘full-frame’ dedicated video camera. There will be great demand.

Dan Hyman September 25, 2016

Word Beebee!!! It’s too bad Canon has made a habit of taking a shortcut to thinking these days.

Mick Jones Reply
Mick Jones September 23, 2016

This is the equivalent of turning up to a Tesla motor show with a steam train and thinking its the shit.

Takeshi Ichikawa Reply
Takeshi Ichikawa September 23, 2016

this tells us how compact that RED WEAPON 8K is….

leo dickinson September 23, 2016

Technology is wonderful but cameraman skills are left wanting. There is an awful lot of poor camerawork on TV these days and it looks worse in HD 4k & now 8K. There was a really well known and well respected BBC series recently where the presenter was unsh-arp throughout the sequence whilst the uninteresting background was crisp as a pin. My case rests leo

Josef Spajon Xavier Reply
Josef Spajon Xavier September 23, 2016

Lol, how many light years they are behind Red with this 8K cyberpunk camera mess? :D

John Eleazar September 23, 2016

Any word on a new Canon C100 Mark III? Keeping my fingers crossed they’d do some miracle and update that camera!

Jim Martin September 23, 2016

This setup has been around for 1 1/2 years….Canon first showed it at NAB 2015…it’s a working concept, that’s all so everyone please calm down…many companies are working on the 8K concept, trying to make a functioning & practical solution for the future.

Larry Tee September 24, 2016

“We don’t know what approach we’re going to take with 8K, we’re waiting to see what the market says.” I think you have Sony, RED, Panasonic, ARRI, Blackmagic, etc., to let you know what the market wants. But whatever it is, it’s definitely not that ridiculous 8K prototype from 2012 with a hundred wires and 4 recorders mashed together.

Raymond Rahner Reply
Raymond Rahner September 24, 2016

This doesn’t look useful at all. NOT the camera I would travel with. No way to mount this to steadicam…

Dan Hyman September 25, 2016

In a few years, this will be like being on an iPad and looking at a computer from the 1960s.
Hey Canon, focus on making a Full Frame, 4K video camera in a C300 shell for under $10k so you can finally compete with Sony