LockCircle RodRocket – The Lightest and Most Modular Rods Ever

Did you’ve ever wonder how to reduce the weight of your camera package even more? You might consider looking into the freshly announced RodRocket modular 15mm rods, manufactured by Italian company Lockcircle.

The LockCircle RodRocket

Just a few months ago, in May 2016, LockCircle announced a modular 15mm rod system called the RodRunner which was designed to build a rod system of the desired length according to your setup. Very neat! Now, at IBC 2016, LockCircle’s Dante Cecchin has come up with an interesting upgrade: the RodRocket.


The RodRocket is made out of grade 5 titanium, which makes it very durable but very lightweight at the same time. With the help of surgical tools, the company managed to drill precision holes into the rod segments in order to keep the weight down while maintaining strength and durability. Actually, the weight of the RodRocket rods are almost on the level of carbon fiber rods.

You can build your own set by purchasing the starter kit and the extension kit but you can buy individual segments or end caps, too. It’s a completely customizable system.


RodRocket starter kit (left) and extension kit (right)

Another thing Dante mentions is the ability to attach accessories to the rod itself as the drilled holes could act as a mounting point as well. We’ll see how manufacturers adapt to this new possibility of attaching their products to the rods without being afraid of having them rotating or come loose on the rods.

Prices and availability

The starter kit starts at $269 (249 €) without the end caps and $339 (319 €) with them included. The extension kit is $349 (329 €). The single parts range from $39 (36 €) for an end cap, rod joint or the 1″ piece, and up to $84 (79 €) for the 2″ inch rod and $99 (96 €) for the 3″ rod. All of this is available as of now. Make sure to visit Lockcircle’s website for all the details.

What do you think about these fancy looking rods? Might this be your next thing in your toolbox? Let us know in the comments below!

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