Lockcircle Full Metal Jacket – Leica SL Premium Cage with PL Mount

This premium cage for the Leica SL camera (full review here) caught our attention. Not only is it functional and ergonomic, but also lightweight, machined out of titanium and equipped with a PL mount for cinema applications.

The Lockcircle Full Metal Jacket is designed with cinematographers and “video photographers” in mind. It has a premium price tag of up to $3000 for the PL mount version, but also offers premium functionality, a well though through design and an ultra lightweight body construction. If only all camera accessories were made with this much attention to detail…

Leica SL Cage

We also reported about the new Lockcircle RodRocket 15mm rods just recently. These beautiful, lightweight titanium rods don’t come bundled with the Metal Jacket cage, but are available as an optional add-on. It is clear that this cage and the accessories are boutique products. But so is the Leica SL camera itself.

The Lockcircle Metal Jacket and Full Metal Jacket cages for the Leica SL camera are available now at lockcircle.com

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