WINNERs Announced: Our FUJINON 1 Minute Film Competition

It is a big moment for many of us! Our FUJINON & cinema5D one minute film competition is coming to its end, and the winner is? 

This is a recording of our live stream winners announcement from our YouTube channel.

We received 233 eligible films from 56 countries! It was a lot of work and also fun for Johnnie and I to watch and judge them. Please watch the recording of the live stream to hear us talk about the films.

The Winners

All winners – as well as everybody who participated in the competition – will be contacted separately via email and notified. Everyone who participated will get our personal short feedback about their submission. Expect these emails during next week.

1st Place -Igor Lymar, “Holiday Reflections”

Prize: Set of 2 FUJINON MK Zoom Lenses (FUJINON MK18.55mm T2.9 & MK50-135mm T2.9) inkl. Zacuto Scissor MK Lens Support

2nd Place – Sonia Pałęga, “Elaine”

Prize: FUJIFILM X-T2 camera with a FUJIFILM XF 16-55mm f/2.8 R LM WR lens

3rd Place – Javier Acevedo Zapata, “My Christmas Tree”

Prize: FUJIFILM X-E3 camera with a FUJIFILM 18-55mm lens

The Runners-Up

As mentioned in the live stream, it was very hard to decide on the winners. Here are, in no particular order, the runners-up. Amazing work, everyone!

Julius Krenz- Holiday Reflections

Marcus Dineen – Da Bomb

Nico Wieseneder-Holiday Reflections

Brian Muna- BELIEVE

Jeff Dolen – 11:59pm

Emeral Cooper – ‘Tis the Season

Tetsushi Wakasugi- Holiday Reflections

If your film isn’t shown here, it really doesn’t mean anything about its quality. We just received SO MANY great entries, it’s impossible to feature them all.

If you want to click through the list of all over 230 entries, head over to YouTube and watch them in our playlist here (the playlist is ordered by the time of entry, so the order has nothing to do with our judgement).

Thanks everyone for participating, we were truly overwhelmed!! We are really looking forward to run another competition like this soon. Stay tuned to cinema5D and please subscribe to our YouTube channel for future updates.

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Congratulations to the winners and all participants!

Tim Naylor

Thanks so much for holding this competition. I loved watching the films. Even more so its celebration of filmmaking. Please, more posts that focus on the art and craft.


 Donovan Kundiger
Donovan Kundiger

We all have different perceptions of life. My vision of a holiday is enjoyment, laughter, fun, a getaway, a break from the trials and stresses of life. This comment is not whining. I had no illusions of winning. It’s just my observation compared to my perceptions of a holiday. I’ve never seen a more complete collection of depressing videos. I actually wish I hadn’t watched them and glad I don’t gravitate to the darkness in life that all of these videos conveyed. I’m looking forward to my next holiday and the enjoyable videos I will take and share, for the… Read more »


You clearly haven’t attended holidays with my family :P

 Donovan Kundiger
Donovan Kundiger

I feel sad for you, and your family. Perhaps efforts ought to be made to change that, or just not get together. Heck, just don’t celebrate the holiday and go to work. I’m not trying to come off as a jerk about this. Life is short. A wasted holiday is is throwing away a precious day in your life as well as your family.


There is nothing wrong about movies that evoke emotions. The top 10 list contains a ton of cheerful and funny films. What you write is way more depressing and self-serious than any of the films you wrote about.

 Donovan Kundiger
Donovan Kundiger

As I stated, “We all have different perceptions of life.” If you find what I write depressing, your perception of my expressions are considerably different that those of the hundreds of friends I have, who I share my thoughts with. I just retired from a 14 year run of writing a magazine column where I wrote amusing stories about life. Laughter is an emotion by the way. I just watched a Red Skelton stand up comedy show. I prefer laughter to sadness. I’ve never understood why a person would pay to see entertainment that was depressing. I wouldn’t pay for… Read more »

s b
s b

I admire your point of view, it is disruptive in this field.

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