Lindsey Optics Macro Adapter – Stay in Focus Throughout The Zoom Range

The new Macro adapter from Lindsey Optics aims to bring high-performance macro to some of the high-end cinema glass offerings in the market.

We met Dwight from Lindsey Optics at Cine Gear Expo 2017, and he showed us their new Macro Lens Attachment Series – macro adapters in +1, +2 and +3 strengths designed to work with the ZEISS Compact Zooms, Ultra Primes, Schneider Xenon and Xenar, Cooke 5i, with future plans to adapt to S4, Leica and more.

The series consists of the various adapters that work with each particular lens model, as well as a 3-element lens designed to very high standards. This high quality, for example, allows the ZEISS zoom to remain par focal with the Lindsey Optics adapter on, as you can see in the demonstration above.

Lindsey optics

The +1 strength lens sits at the top of the the set in terms of resolution, capable of resolving 200 line pairs per millimetre across a full-frame sensor, something that Dwight from Lindsey Optics says no one else is doing right now. The +2 and +3 fall slightly behind, with 130 and 100 line pairs per millimetre respectively. As a reference, the sensor on the ARRI Alexa can resolve 65 line pairs per millimetre.

As mentioned before, one of the biggest strengths of this macro adapter is to keep focus throughout the zoom range when using a zoom lens, so basically all you have to do is focus once and then change perspective as needed. Another nice effect when using this macro adapter is to gain “minimum focus distance”, meaning, the adapter will improve the minimum focus distance of every lens it is being used on.

So far, it seems the Lindsey Optics macro adapter will work just as well with primes as with zooms, as long as the diameter of the lens doesn’t go beyond the 90-110mm ball park, and the focal length stays approximately within the 35mm to 100mm range.

Each lens will sell for $2,100, with each individual adapter necessary to use it on the different compatible models coming in at $98. The system will be available from August. For more information, make sure to visit their website.

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